Hulu Reportedly Renews Blumhouse Anthology Into The Dark For Season 2 [Updated]

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Hulu has reportedly renewed Blumhouse’s holiday-themed horror anthology series Into the Dark for season 2. Described as a “year-round event series,” Into the Dark takes a different format from traditional TV shows by delivering just one feature-length episode per month inspired by a holiday that takes place during that month.

The series appropriately premiered during the suitably spooky month of October with a Halloween-themed episode titled “The Body.” Starring Tom Bateman (Murder on the Orient Express, Cold Pursuit) as a professional hitman using Halloween as a cover to get rid of a body, “The Body” got rave reviews for its gory exploration of genre mash-ups. Since then the series has dished up eight more episodes including a festive-focused installment titled “Pooka!” about a struggling actor who gets a job promoting a must-have Christmas toy and the New Year’s Eve-themed “New Year, New You” directed by Sophia Takal (Always Shine, Black Christmas). Most recently there was “They Come Knocking” - a Father’s Day-themed episode in which a widower (Lethal Weapon’s Clayne Crawford) takes a road trip with his two daughters that takes a terrifying turn.

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Though season 1 of Into the Dark is still three episodes from its conclusion, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Hulu has already renewed the horror anthology for a second season. Bloody Disgusting also reports that as season 1 of the series premiered in October, it makes sense that the first episode of season 2 would also take place during the Halloween season. Neither Hulu nor Blumhouse have yet to issue an official statement confirming that Into the Dark is indeed getting a second season, however, so the news should be taken with a grain of salt.

Update: Bloody Disgusting has since pulled their report on the renewal of Into the Dark.

If the report is true, it’s good news for horror fans. The series has been getting consistently positive reviews and its unique format allows for many different terrifying tales to be told alongside allowing different directors and ensemble casts to show their talents. On the other hand, if season 2 of Into the Dark does happen and follows the same format as its first season - that is, theming each episode around a holiday - one wonders if the series could start to feel like a one-trick pony pretty swiftly.

Seeing as season 2 hasn’t been confirmed by the powers that be just yet, these worries are probably a tad premature. In the meantime, there are still three more episodes of Into the Dark for horror fans to lap up - an Independence Day-themed episode called “Culture Shock” appropriately airing on July 4, a first day of school-themed episode titled “School Spirit” and an as-yet unknown twelfth episode that will serve as the season 1 finale.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

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