What The Into The Badlands Spinoff Would Have Been About

Into the Badlands Sunny and Widow

The creators of Into the Badlands pitched a Western-themed spinoff to AMC, but it never went anywhere - and it could have had an interesting story. The spinoff series, if green-lit by AMC, would have resolved the Into the Badlands' cliffhanger ending of the season 3 finale and fast-forwarded to 20 years into the future.

In the Into the Badlands season 3 finale, Sunny (Daniel Wu) rallied the other main characters and faced off with Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay) and his army for the last time. After a dramatic final showdown, Sunny died from his wounds, but was brought back to life to deal with the return of an old evil "more powerful and more insidious than any human". The truth about Sunny's new mission was revealed in the closing scene when one of Pilgrim's men found a loaded revolver buried in the ground. The discovery meant that guns were coming to the Badlands.

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After the show was over, Into the Badlands creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar explained to IndieWire that when they found out the show was being cancelled, they pitched an idea for a spinoff to AMC, but it never worked out. The plan was for it to be set 20 years after season 3, with Sunny's son and Widow's daughter as adults surviving in a world with guns. Bajie (Nick Frost) would have been carried over from the main series to act as a mentor to the two younger characters.

Into the Badlands Waldo as Stephen Lang and Sunny

The creators compared it to HBO's Deadwood, which was centered on a small town. Following this format would have allowed for much smaller budgets since most episodes would be set in the town, as opposed to Into the Badlands, which involved numerous quests that often took the characters to various locations.

The setting and tone would have been quite different. The addition of guns would have created a Western vibe, along with a whole new challenge, since guns were weapons that martial arts had no answer for. Martial arts was at the center of Into the Badlands' post-apocalyptic setting, in part due to the fact that guns weren't a factor. Without firearms, people needed a different way to fight. Bringing guns back into the mix would have undoubtedly changed things, and perhaps would have caused society to put less stock in martial arts.

Just as the creators believed, combining kung fu with guns certainly would have given the spinoff the opportunity to stand on its own, apart from Into the Badlands. It's an interesting concept to be sure, and its unique Western flavor might have been enough to appeal to new viewers, but unfortunately, the proposed series will never see the light of day.

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