Will There Be An Into The Badlands Season 4? It's Possible

Into the Badlands season 4 won't be coming to AMC, who canceled the show after three seasons, but could the show find a new home?

Into The Badlands Season 4

What's going on with Into the Badlands season 4? AMC's martial arts is ending after three seasons, but fans of the post-apocalyptic martial arts series are still holding out hope that the show can live on at another network. Though it's hard to say if there's been any push for the show to receive a new home, Into the Badlands seems to have a passionate and devoted audience that may just be enough to warrant a fourth season. Also, it's possible that a network with a stronger interest in promoting the series will be able to keep it alive.

The final episodes of Into the Badlands' third season centers on Pilgrim's plan to rule the Badlands. So far, the show has managed to tie up a number of lingering plotlines and mysteries, including the disappearance of Sunny's sister, the Widow's war with Baron Chau, the truth about Azra, and Sunny's backstory. The bitter, violent feud between the Widow and Sunny has also been resolved. Recent episodes have featured the deaths of several key characters, such as Lydia, Magnus, the Master, Nix, and Baron Chau.

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But now it's all over. Into the Badlands season 3's finale is, for now, the end of the show. But is there hope for season 4?

Into The Badlands Season 3 Is The End (On AMC)

The first half of Into the Badlands season 3 wrapped up in June of 2018. Fans then had to wait several months before there was any news of the show's return. In February of this year, AMC announced that Into the Badlands would not be renewed for a fourth season.

Could Into The Badlands Season 4 Find A New Network?

Sunny and Azra in Into the Badlands

Into the Badlands is over after season 3 on AMC, but there remains a faint possibility that the series could return. Into the Badlands certainly wouldn't be the first canceled series to find a new life at another network, like Netflix. One thing that a show needs for a second chance is a dedicated fanbase, and that seems to be something Into the Badlands certainly has. On Twitter, legions of fans have been tweeting the hashtag, #SaveTheBadlands. Fans' support for the show has reached the attention of the cast and crew, and some of these messages have been retweeted by members of the cast, such as Nathaniel Moon actor Sherman Augustus.

While ratings for Into the Badlands seemed to justify its cancellation, it's worth noting that AMC's interest in the series appeared to drop considerably following its first season. Another network could take a different approach to marketing the show and keeping its viewers engaged.

Into The Badlands Could Get A Comic Sequel

Into The Badlands Cast

During season 1, AMC released three digital comics for Into the Badlands, which shows that the series could work in a comic book format. Into the Badlands co-creator Alfred Gough said in an interview with Indie Wire that producers have had conversations with AMC about the show living on in another way. It's possible that the series could continue either in the form of comic books or even an animated series.

When We Can Expect To Get Into The Badlands News

If Into the Badlands season 4 is picked up by a different network, it may take time before anything is officially announced. A couple of months would be the earliest to get word, and if a fourth season did happen, it would surely be well over a year before it actually aired. Of course, there's no reason to suspect at this point that Into the Badlands will return, but it's at least a possibility for the time being.

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