Into the Badlands Showrunner Teases 'Bats**t Crazy' Season 3 Fights

Emily Beecham in Into the Badlands

Fans of Into the Badlands can look forward to "bats**t crazy" fight scenes when the show returns for season 3. The next installment in the series promises to further expand the world of the Badlands, while also raising the stakes higher than ever.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, AMC's Into the Badlands was developed by Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Milles Millar. The series stars Daniel Wu as a highly-trained killer named Sunny, who teams up with M.K. (Aramis Knight) a boy with a mysterious, deadly power. The two are often used as pawns by scheming barons who fight for control of the Badlands. Into the Badlands has become known for its intense fight scenes and martial arts choreography. Last April, the series was renewed for a 16-episode season 3, its longest season yet.

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In an interview with Variety, showrunner Gough explains that in season 3 "everything in the Badlands is bigger". Gough says the world will become more "expansive" as they introduce  "amazing" new characters who will become involved in the ongoing war between the Widow (Emily Beecham) and Baron Chou (Eleanor Matsuura). Gough also teases that season 3 will raise the stakes for the characters. Gough adds that the martial arts fight scenes will be bloodier and "more bats**t crazy than ever":

Have you ever seen a badass redhead have a martial arts sword fight with a one handed former regent on the top of a stone tower overlooking the ocean? And that’s only the first fight of the season. You’re welcome, America!

The above comment seems to tease an upcoming showdown between the Widow and Nathaniel Moon, a guest star from season 2 who was recently added to the cast as one of several new season 3 regulars. Among the new characters are Pilgrim (Babou Cessay) and Cressida (Lorraine Toussaint), described by Gough as "wild cards". Pilgrim will be a cult-like religious leader on the hunt for a mysterious artifact tied to the mythical city of Azra. Cressida will serve him as his priestess. Fans will also get to meet Baron Chou's brother, Gaius, played by Iron Fist's Lewis Tan, who has a background in martial arts.

The idea that season 3 will expand the world of the Badlands make sense, considering the events of the previous season. Though the show originally focused on the conflict between the Widow and Baron Quinn (Martin Csokas), the story has since expanded to include the barons of the other territories. It's possible that we will see Sunny, M.K., or Bajie (Nick Frost) venture into new locations as the search for Azra continues.

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Into the Badlands season 3 premieres Sunday, April 22 on AMC.

Source: Variety

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