'The Interview' Final Trailer: Kim Jong-un is a Pretty Cool Guy

The Interview Set Visit (2014)

North Korea's Supreme Leaders just can't can't seem to get themselves taken seriously by Hollywood. First Kim Jong-il was cast as the diminutive antagonist of Team America: World Police, and now Kim Jong-un finds himself the target of assassination by lovable goofs Seth Rogen and James Franco in The Interview, the upcoming action-comedy that was co-directed by Rogen and Evan Goldberg (This is the End).

While The Interview seems guaranteed to find a receptive audience among fans of Goldberg and Rogen's comedy style, North Korean politicians have been less than happy about it. One spokesman described the movie as "act of terror and an act of war," and a complaint was made to the United Nations, though this was somewhat ineffectual since the U.N. isn't exactly in charge of the U.S. film industry.

It's OK, though, since the final trailer for The Interview is all about showing that Kim Jong-un is actually a pretty cool character, in the opinion of Franco's character, Dave Skylark. The Supreme Leader gives adorable puppies as gifts, secretly listens to Katy Perry songs (don't we all) and is happy to let Dave take his tank for a joy ride. It looks like the assassination plan might not go entirely smoothly.

The Interview puppy

The Interview also stars Lizzy Caplan as Lacey, the CIA agent who coerces Dave and his producer, Aaron Rapaport (Rogen), into taking on the dangerous mission, through strategic use of fake glasses. Kim Jong-un himself is played by Randall Park (who is actually American and of South Korean parentage), while his right-hand woman, Sook, is played by relative newcomer Diana Bang (Bates Motel).

Will Dave be able to bring himself to kill his new best friend? Is it true that Kim Jong-un doesn't urinate or defecate? These questions and more will (probably) be answered upon the release of The Interview next month. There are probably weirder ways to celebrate Christmas than with a movie in which Seth Rogen sticks things up his butt as part of a quest to assassinate the leader of North Korea, but at least it will probably be more enjoyable than Brussels sprouts.

For more information about the subject of The Interview, please consult this blog.

The Interview is out in theaters on December 25th, 2014.

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