'Interstellar' Featurette: The Science of Wormhole Theory

Interstellar Featurette Kip Thorne

When we first caught wind of Chris Nolan's new movie Interstellar, it was basically described as being a Nolan sci-fi movie that had something to do with wormhole theory and deep space exploration. It's not like we've found out a TON of information in the trailers and TV spots that have been released since then (won't even spoil the revelations we have spotted) - but we do know some of the storyline.

Basically, McConaughey plays a famous pilot named Coop who is recruited to fly a team of astronauts - Brand (Anne Hathaway) and Doyle (Wes Bentley) and Principal (David Oyelowo) and an A.I. robot (voice of Matt Damon?) - into the far reaches of space in search of a new planet that humanity can colonize. Back on earth, years are slipping away as Coop and his team travel space, and his children grow into adulthood trying to survive on a dying earth, hoping their father returns with salvation.

Wormhole theory comes into play in the sense that those theoretical bends in space would also bend time, so that (for example) what may seem like an hour for Coop and his team of travelers is relative to years passing on Earth.

Interstellar behind scenes video wormhole theory
Wes Bentley talks Theory in 'Interstellar'

I'm sure that's what theoretical physicist Kip Thorne is attempting to demonstrate in all those equations he used to guide the filmmakers - but then again, how many of us can really decipher what he's putting down in that video? To a layman, Thorne might as well be Agent Coulson scribbling mysterious alien gibberish on a chalkboard....

A certain sector of sci-fi fans do need their fiction based in some reasonable approximation of fact; having a famous theoretical physicist on hand certainly lends clout (lest you end up with the scientific community pulling out those Gravity criticisms on you).



Interstellar opens in select IMAX theaters on November 5th, 2014; it begins its regular theatrical release two days later, on November 7th.

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