'Interstellar' Waves Sequence Featurette; Jonathan Nolan on the Original Ending

Interstellar Cooper and Murphy

[Warning: SPOILERS for Interstellar in the above video and article ahead.]


Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic Interstellar was easily one of the most divisive films released last year, but it's hard to deny the fact that it contains some stunning visual effects work. If anyone does try to deny it, the VFX team can just hit them over the head with their Oscar trophy. The film follows a group of intrepid astronauts seeking a new home for the people of Earth through a wormhole that takes them to another solar system, filled with planets of varying climates and landscapes.

A new featurette about the making of Interstellar demonstrates the combination of on location filming and digital trickery that went into creating a planet covered in water, with devastating waves that would make it a bad place to settle down and build a civilization. As the crew scramble to get back to their spacecraft, Doyle (Wes Bentley) is ripped away by the force of the oncoming water in an effect that combined CGI, two water cannons and a stunt rig.

The story for Interstellar was originally conceived by the director's brother, Jonathan Nolan, with help from consultant theoretical physicist Kip Thorne. Christopher Nolan made his own adjustments to the script when he decided to adapt it, but since last year there's been a lot of talk about the discrepancies between the two Nolan brothers' version of the story. This has fired up again after The Nerdist reported that Jonathan Nolan, speaking at a media event, claimed that his "much more straightforward" original ending "had the [wormhole] collapse when Cooper tries to send the data back."

There is a bit of hubbub over this story with some sites claiming that Nolan "revealed" the original ending at the event, but the original ending (at least, the ending from the 2008 version of the script) has actually been online for anyone to read since last year. The Nerdist's claim that Jonathan Nolan's ending had "no return home" for Cooper and no salvation for Amelia Brand may just be speculation based on Nolan stating that the wormhole collapses in the original script. However, without any further quotes from the screenwriter, it's difficult to be certain.

Interstellar Cooper and Murphy

Given the number of drafts that movie scripts go through, the very concept of an "original" ending is a bit fuzzy. Still, the key elements that Christopher Nolan brought to the table were the removal of a subplot involving the Chinese launching their own space exploration mission before the USA (instead Cooper and the crew catch up to previous NASA expeditions) and the addition of a tesseract that allows Cooper to communicate with young Murphy through time manipulation.

It's most likely that Jonathan Nolan was referring to some very early draft of the script that predates the 2008 version. Either way, the ending that Christopher Nolan decided upon was no more uplifting than the ending in the 2008 script - save for Cooper eventually meeting up with his very elderly great-great-grandson instead of Murphy. Of course, the telephone game rules mean that the quote from Jonathan Nolan will probably end up being translated as "Christopher Nolan got rid of Interstellar's original super-depressing ending."

Interstellar will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD starting March 31st, 2015.

Source: The Nerdist

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