'Interstellar' Final Trailer; Early IMAX Screenings Announced

Matthew McConaughey on the Interstellar poster

Marketing for Interstellar has been heating up recently, and that continues today with a fresh trailer that includes plenty of previously-unseen footage.

Don't worry, though, it doesn't reveal much about co-writer/director Christopher Nolan's sci-fi film that we didn't already know; namely, that the story follows one "Coop" (Matthew McConaughey), an expert pilot who leads a mission into space - along with astronauts played by Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, and David Gyasi - to find a new home for humankind, now that the ecological system on Earth can no longer sustain us. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Jessica Chastain's character (presumed to be McConaughey's grown-up daughter in the film) must struggle to stay alive in an increasingly harsh and volatile environment.

Mysteries teased in both the latest Interstellar trailer and previously-unveiled TV promos - such as the non-Earth planet with mountain-sized waves and that monolith robot (Matt Damon, is that you via motion-capture?) that's been shown accompanying the human space explorers - remain just that for now - mysteries. Furthermore, seeing how the movie runs nearly three hours in length, it's safe to assume that there's a whole lot more in the way of story material and stunning visuals that we haven't seen yet... though, what has been revealed so far has been quite impressive on its own.

Matthew McConaughey on the Interstellar poster

Certain filmgoers will get to see Interstellar before everyone else does, as the movie will begin showing in select IMAX theaters - specifically those showing the motion picture in the 70 mm, 70 mm film and 35 mm film formats - beginning next month on November 5th, two days before its wide theatrical release. Here is the statement on that, from Paramount's Vice Chairman Rob Moore:

“To see Christopher Nolan’s ‘INTERSTELLAR’ on the big screen is an unforgettable movie going experience. From IMAX to traditional film and digital projection, we are pleased that audiences will have the opportunity to see this awe-inspiring film in a wide variety of formats and we are very excited to be making the film available 2-days early for moviegoers.

Similar to what he did on The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan filmed Interstellar in a combination of the 35 mm film format and the 65 mm IMAX format; which is to say, certain sequences ought to look all the more daunting, when viewed in the big, big screen format. Since Nolan's longtime collaborator Wally Pfister was busy making Transcendence, cinematography for Interstellar was instead handled by Hoyte Van Hoytem (Let the Right One In, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy); the visual style of Nolan's latest movie may be a bit different for it, but also just as beautiful (if not more so).

Interstellar opens in select IMAX theaters on November 5th, 2014; it begins its regular theatrical release two days later, on November 7th.

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