'Interstellar' Trailer #2 Description Online; Debuts with 'Godzilla' in Theaters [Updated]

Matthew McConaughey in the Interstellar trailer

[UPDATE: Scroll down for the official Interstellar teaser poster!]

Christopher Nolan is one of the handful of filmmakers currently active whose name as director on a movie alone guarantees a sizable audience, and this year he's back with his first original project in four years: cinematic space odyssey Interstellar (following Nolan's not-so-rewarding venture as producer on his cinematographer Wally Pfister's sci-fi feature debut Transcendence last month).

In his usual fashion, Nolan is keeping his cards close to his chest on this one, though the film's initial teaser trailer alludes to a storyline wherein a man named Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) leads an expedition to the stars, in the hopes of finding a way to save humanity in the face of an impending apocalypse on Earth. The next Interstellar trailer, judging by the description that has made its way online, doesn't spill too many secrets beyond that, either.

Again, though, that's in keeping with now-typical enigmatic pre-release buildup and hype-raising marketing techniques for Nolan's films. Trailer #2 for Interstellar is currently attached to prints of the IMAX documentary Hubble 3D at the Smithsonian's Air & Space Museum's Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater, but will begin showing in regular theaters alongside fellow Warner Bros. release Godzilla, starting next week.

Ahead of its premiere online, here is a description of the second Interstellar trailer (courtesy of The Washington Post):

After a brief announcement, the trailer unspooled to show Matthew McConaughey driving his truck through corn fields while a lush orchestral score swelled in the background. Later, the fields had caught fire, an ominous dust cloud could be seen looming over a baseball game, and McConaughey (playing a character named Cooper) was reassuring his daughter that he loved her — right before being shot into space in order to save the world.

A trailer for a big Hollywood sci-fi tentpole premiering alongside a documentary screening at the Smithsonian would normally seem a bit odd, but in the case of Interstellar, it feels rather appropriate. Jonathan Nolan's original screenplay (featuring revisions by his brother) is said to be heavily informed by theoretical physicist Kip Thorne's ideas concerning wormholes and space travel, enough so that the film might well be a decent introduction to such complex scientific concepts - as well as a new showcase for Nolan's brand of grand-scale spectacle, of course.

UPDATE: Check out the newly-released teaser poster for Interstellar (click the image to enlarge):

Interstellar Teaser Poster

McConaughey - riding higher than ever following his Oscar win for Dallas Buyers Club - leads a cast for Interstellar that includes fellow Oscar-winners Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine (reuniting with Nolan once more after The Dark Knight Rises), as well as celebrated actors like Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty), David Oyelowo (The Butler), Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games), and Oscar-winner Ellen Burstyn (Draft Day), among others.

It's not altogether clear yet who's playing what character (or, according to the rumor mill, the same characters at different ages), though as the film's storyline is expected to be yet another crazy non-linear narrative constructed by the Nolans - one that may include massive jumps in space and time - we're happier not knowing exactly what to expect, ahead of time.

Environmental apocalypse, however, appears to be the driving force behind said sci-fi tomfoolery in Interstellar, going off clues provided by leaked set photos and trailer footage for the film (see: images of burning fields, dust storms, etc.). However, much like Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is about heroes searching for the light in a dark, disenchanted and cynical world, Interstellar appears to offer a more optimistic stance on a rather gloomy scenario - as the film's tagline puts it, "Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here."


Interstellar opens in regular and IMAX theaters in the U.S. on November 7th, 2014.

Source: The Washington Post

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