'Interstellar' Image Gallery; Cast Teases Nolan's 'Grandest Adventure'

Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey

Will Christopher Nolan's sci-fi feature Interstellar be able live up to the pre-release hype? It's certainly yet another ambitious project from the Inception and Dark Knight trilogy director, who here has put together an all-star cast - led by Oscar-winners Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway - and, by the look of it, utilized a number of impressive practical sets in order to paint a fairly realistic portrait of space travel.

Interstellar, going by the film's trailers, follows a group of space explorers - Cooper (McConaughey), Brand (Hathaway), and Romilly (David Gyasi) among them - who go on a mission to the stars, in order to save humankind as Earth faces some global ecological crisis. What the astronauts are looking for, how wormhole travel fits into the story, and what happens on Earth during the mission - those are among the mysteries that remain to be explained, in a movie that McConaughey described to Empire as follows:

"This is the grandest adventure I think any of us will ever see on film... This is the biggest film I've ever been a part of. This is one of the biggest films anyone's ever been a part of."


Spaceship on the Interstellar set

Chris Nolan and Matthew McConaughey on the Interstellar set

Jessica Chastain and Casey Affleck in Interstellar

McConaughey, Hathaway and Gyasi in Interstellar

Alien World (?) from Interstellar

Anne Hathaway in Interstellar

As mentioned before, Interstellar certainly looks to be "big", with its massive practical sets (see the spaceship featured in the image gallery above). Not to mention, thematically-speaking, Nolan has said that the script that he and his brother, Jonathan Nolan, wrote tackles some daunting subjects, such as what it really means to be human and exist in the universe.

Hathaway agrees that Interstellar has the potential to (as she put it) start a "new conversation," though she also told Empire that "It's not a dry, science-based film. It has a pulse. It's got blood in its veins." That's something else the film's trailers have focused on; the theme of emotional loss and how that shapes a person, as examined through the subplot of Cooper leaving Earth - and how that affects his children throughout their lives.

Jessica Chastain and Casey Affleck, also pictured in the gallery above, are rumored to be playing Cooper's kids as adults; it would make sense, to have those two strong acting talents handles such heavy dramatic material. Again, though, that's another one of Interstellar's intriguing mysteries that remains to be unraveled in full.

Interstellar opens in U.S. theaters on November 7th, 2014.

Source: Empire

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