'Interstellar' Set Image: Nolan Using IMAX Camera Mounted on Learjet?

Images from the 'Interstellar' set show that director Chris Nolan is mounting an IMAX camera on the front of a learjet. But to what purpose? We discuss.

Christopher Nolan begins filming Interstellar this summer

Anyone who believes that the (non-CGI) era of spectacle has disappeared from modern cinema has obviously not encountered the films of Christopher Nolan. The man flipped an entire 18-wheeler truck to create one of the most memorable moments of The Dark Knight; he built an entire rotating section of a hotel for that epic Inception sequence; and he literally broke planes to pieces to create a crazy aerial hijacking for the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises.

People have therefore been wondering what Nolan is going to do to top himself for Interstellar, his upcoming sci-fi film starring the likes of Mattew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain, and now we are beginning to get some (vague) idea of what those filmmaking feats may include.

The folks over at Reddit pulled an intriguing picture from the Twitter feed of one Paul Franklin, a visual effects supervisor who has worked with Nolan often and won an Oscar for his efforts on Inception. The Twitter feed linked throughout the Reddit chat thread has, interestingly enough, disappeared from the Web, but what it depicted is still making rounds:


VIEW: Interstellar Set Pics


The obvious question is: What does Nolan want a jet-mounted IMAX camera for? The most obvious answer would be the director exploring new techniques for getting the bulky cameras in place to film those glorious landscaping shots we've seen throughout the latter Dark Knight Trilogy and in Inception - but is it really that simple?

Very little is known about the actual plot of Interstellar, but one thing we've known for sure, since early on, is that the film deals with wormhole theory and centers around the premise of some explorers using the wormhole achieve new forms of long-distance space travel. Could Nolan be using his Jet-MAX cameras to create some sort of effect regarding high-speed vessel travel? (Have you read the list of things the man has done in past films? It's certainly possible.)

With the Paul Franklin Twitter feed disappearing as quickly as people took notice of this, there's a good chance that Nolan is indeed working on something that he (in usual fashion) wants to keep secret from fans, for now. At this point, we don't try to guess to hard or extensively what that might be; like so many others, we're thankful for the guy who is always working to keep both the spectacle AND surprise of cinema alive in his work.


Interstellar will be in theaters on November 7, 2014.

Source: Reddit via Collider

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