Christopher Nolan Wants Matthew McConaughey for 'Interstellar'

Matthew McConaughey may star inChristopher Nolan's Interstellar

Since his breakout role in 1993's Dazed and Confused, Matthew McConaughey has been a Hollywood star, but the 43-year-old actor has been on an especially impressive run over the last two years. In 2011, McConaughey won praise for performances in three critically-acclaimed films: The Lincoln Lawyer, Bernie, and Killer Joe. Then, in 2012, McConaughey continued his streak with two well-received indie films (The Paperboy and Mud) and the box office hit Magic Mike.

Now, as one of Hollywood's most in-demand actors, McConaughey will have the opportunity to take his career to yet another level in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

According to Deadline, Nolan has already offered McConaughey the lead role in the science fiction film. As we reported when Nolan was first circling the project, Interstellar focuses on a group of explorers who travel through a wormhole and is based on the scientific theories of Caltech astrophysicist Kip Thorne. The film, which was written by  Jonathan Nolan, was originally set up for Steven Spielberg. Since taking over the project, Nolan has worked with his brother on the script to incorporate some of his own original ideas.

McConaughey recently wrapped up both Dallas Buyers Club (for which he lost a reported 40 lbs) and The Wolf of Wall Street, but seems to have an opening in his schedule. There's no word yet on whether he has accepted the part, but given Nolan's track record, it would be hard to pass up.

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There was a time when it was very easy to dismiss McConaughey as an actor, particularly in the early to mid-2000s when he mostly starred in romantic comedies. "Oh, Matthew McConaughey? Yeah - the guy who women love because he takes his shirt off in all his movies."

In hindsight, however, it's apparent that McConaughey has always been a strong actor when he's chosen the right roles. If Interstellar offers the same kind of storytelling that we've come to expect from Christopher Nolan, then it could be the perfect opportunity for McConaughey to parlay his recent success in smaller character-driven features into an intelligent and action-packed blockbuster.

What do you think of Nolan's choice for lead actor? Let us know in the comments.

Interstellar is scheduled to be released in theaters November 7th, 2014.


Source: Deadline

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