The Internet's Best Reactions To Star Wars: Episode IX Title - The Rise Of Skywalker

Here’s a confirmation. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker refers to Lando Calrissian because he’s in the trailer for 0.5 seconds. Lando is Luke’s father, confirmed. Alright, we’ll call our own bluff! That was a joke. What's true is that The Rise of Skywalker trailer is online.

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Although fans are dissecting the trailer’s footage, people are just as obsessed with figuring out what the title actually means. Reactions are mixed. Some people love the title and other people hate it. If anything else, the title has sparked a lot of different types of conversation amongst Star Wars fans. Check out the list to see the internet’s best reactions to the Star Wars: Episode IX title - The Rise of Skywalker! 

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10 Speculation

What does the title mean?! It's the kind of thing that is going to have us writing on windows in permanent marker and stringing up yarn between seemingly unrelated pieces of paper until we finally find an answer!

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This picture is a hilarious representation of fandom as a whole. Fans begin to speculate as soon as any information goes online. The Star Wars Reddit forums will be going nuts for months. 

9 Last Jedi Backlash

It's safe to say that fans unanimously agree that The Last Jedi is the best film in the entire saga. If only that were actually true. Although The Last Jedi is a major hit with critics, its audience reception is divisive to say the least. There’s a lot of theories as to what Rise of Skywalker actually means.

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Does it have something to do with Rey’s lineage or Luke making an unexpected return? If the title does, in fact, refer to the latter theory, then a lot of fans who already hate The Last Jedi probably aren't going to change their minds. The reason for this is due to the fact that some of these people are already upset about Luke’s death in The Last Jedi. Bringing Luke back will only reaffirm these fan’s consensus that it was a mistake to kill off Luke in the first place. 

8 Loving The Title

Rumor has it an alternative title was “Rise of JarJar.” Sorry, an easy JarJar joke had to be made at some point. Some people really don’t like the title Rise of Skywalker. However, there are others who absolutely love it.

Many people think that it brings the entire Star Wars saga full circle. The first two trilogies had shown the fall and eventual return of the Jedi. This last trilogy will show the Skywalkers redeeming themselves and taking their rightful place as the galaxy’s greatest heroes.

7 Star Wars (The Title) Sucks 

If a person boldly claims that Star Wars is lame, they better be ready to catch these imaginary force hands. This particular user takes the stance that everyone who hates the new title needs to get over it. People need to wake up and realize that every Star Wars title is bad.

What’s interesting about this post is that it shows what a phenomenon Star Wars will always be. Even something as seemingly small as a title reveal brings out people’s opinions and jumpstarts conversations. For real though, stop saying Star Wars is a bad title. It makes our ears bleed.

6 A Bad Title 

This user doesn’t mince words. The statement is hilarious and it really captures how a lot of fans feel about the title. There’s many people that believe the title is a blatant attempt to win back the fans that hate The Last Jedi.

Another odd aspect of the title is that it’s the first film in the Skywalker saga to actually include Skywalker in the title.

5 Rian vs J.J. 

Regardless of how one feels about The Last Jedi, they have to wonder what the first story meeting between Rian Johnson and J.J. Abrams looked like. This user’s post is probably not too far off. Admittedly, The Force Awakens is all set up and very little payoff.

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In that sense, director Rian Johnson was obligated to take that setup in whichever direction he had seen fit. The film's straightforward title is already less subversive than anything in The Last Jedi. One can't help but wonder what Abrams has up his sleeve.

4 Great Trailer, Bad Title

There’s nothing worse than trying to recommend an amazing movie or show that happens to have a bad title. Just try recommending The Leftovers to anyone and see how many of them respond with food jokes.

A lot of online users are boasting about how great Rise of Skywalker looks. There are amazing looking visuals and cool character moments. The problem is that the title isn’t measuring up to what’s on screen. Hopefully what happens in the final film will justify the title.

3 Title Confusion 

This reaction only has nine likes and it deserves more attention. This hilarious post decides to poke some fun at all of the hysteria surrounding the movie’s title.

The user wants to know if the film’s title is pronounced ICKS or EYE-CKS? This is comedic genius of the highest order.

2 Predicting The Plot 

What can be confirmed is that the title definitely refers to someone or something named Skywalker. Yes, it’s just a hunch. Joking aside, people are already trying to discern the plot based on the title. One of the prevailing theories is that it refers to Kylo or Rey.

Kylo Ren's real last name is Solo. However, he technically has Skywalker blood. Past films show Kylo struggling between the light and dark side. This might be the film where Kylo abandons the Knights of Ren and fully embraces his good side. 

1 Joy 

People can go back and forth all day about the film’s title, but this video says it all. Star Wars is something that unites everyone. People get excited to hear each others theories and opinions.

Others like to dress up and go to conventions so that they can feel like they’re in a galaxy far, far away. Thousands of people love to band together and cheer at the very mention of the name Skywalker.

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