The Internet's Best Reactions and Memes to The New Detective Pikachu Trailer

Pikachu in Detective Pikachu

The latest trailer for Detective Pikachu has released, revealing more details about the movie and what we can expect when it hits theaters on May 10. In it, we get more information about Ryan Reynolds' Pikachu and how he ended up working with the protagonist of the film. There are also plenty more shots of new Pokemon in the movie's realistic CGI style.

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With there being much excitement over the film's release, the internet has reacted to the trailer in the form of posts and memes. Here are the 10 best internet reactions and memes over the new trailer for Detective Pikachu.


Considering how easy it would've been to mess up realistic CGI in a movie about Pokemon, it's surprising to many that Detective Pikachu's special effects look pretty good overall. In the latest trailer, even a Snorlax was shown and had great detail and wasn't even the focal point of the shot.

Compare that to the trailer for Aladdin, which showed Will Smith's version of Genie. Not only do the effects on that iconic character leave much to be desired, it barely resembles Robin Williams' version in the animated film. There's a certain respect for the source material in Detective Pikachu.


One of the biggest things people have done in the Detective Pikachu trailers is trying to find all the Pokemon that appear to see how differently they all look when compared to the games and the anime. Famous British video game retailer, GAME, weighed in to give their thoughts on the latest trailer for the film.

With an appropriate clip of Detective Pikachu looking through a magnifying glass, they asked their followers how many Pokemon were spotted in the trailer. Needless to say, we bet it's only a matter of time before long articles come out detailing all the new Pokemon in the trailer.


While video game movies are generally some of the worst movies in the film industry, there's something about Detective Pikachu that has a lot of fans intrigued. It doesn't have any of the red flags that most bad movies do (and that goes for video game movies as well).

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A consistent reaction regarding the latest trailer is that people are more excited about the movie and are prepared to see it the day it comes out. While there might be some who have a few words to say about that, there's no denying that Detective Pikachu is going to have a lot of box office potential.


What makes certain special effects better than others is the attention to detail. It's the little things that go a long way to making something look better. While some may not like the art style of Detective Pikachu, there is at least a consistency that the animators and artists were going for.

That leads to some finer details that were given to the Pokemon, as evidenced in the latest trailer. Snorlax has always been seen as a lazy and fat Pokemon, but that behavior gets more visual detail with this live-action film. The fat of Snorlax can be more easily spotted.


The latest Detective Pikachu trailer revealed a lot about the titular electric mouse. On top of important story details, we also learned that Pikachu has an addiction to caffeine, as he drank a lot of coffee and remarked that he could stop "anytime." Coffee and caffeine are consumed a lot in America, which makes Detective Pikachu all the more relatable to audiences than he might be otherwise.

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It gives a cartoon character a more adult personality, with real traits and behaviors that many people find in themselves. It's clear that this movie is for the fans that have been there since the beginning.


Most video game movies aren't very good. Whether it be that the director doesn't know how to adapt the story or cheesy effects are added to try and replicate the game, they usually don't go over well. That on top of the premise of Detective Pikachu alone was enough to make people skeptical.

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A live-action movie starring Pokemon with Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu? It sounds like a crazy fever dream that would never make it to post-production. However, Warner Bros is moving forward with Detective Pikachu and some people have a hard time understanding why the movie looks as good as it does.


Leave it to the internet to shove in a surprised Pikachu meme regarding the Detective Pikachu trailer. There were plenty of rumors before this trailer that Mewtwo would appear in the film in some capacity. Now that the trailer has dropped, we have confirmation that Mewtwo will be in the film, as the legendary Pokemon had a dedicated shot in the trailer.

Many people were surprised to see Mewtwo appearing in Detective Pikachu. Those who thought he was coming were equally surprised that he appeared this far from the film's release. We imagine that Pikachu will be up to the challenge, though.


Game Freak has been sharing a lot of love for the Kanto Region for quite some time, and that sentiment extends to Detective Pikachu. The movie has shown Bulbasaur, Charmander, Charizard, and even Blastoise, but no Squirtle has popped up yet. In the newest trailer, we don't get a decent look at Squirtle, which has led some fans a bit outraged.

Squirtle is a very popular Pokemon for many people, so we'd be shocked if it didn't appear in the final cut of the film. Perhaps Warner Bros will release more teaser footage that will reveal Squirtle in this new style.


With the Pokemon looking as realistic and comical as they do in Detective Pikachu, it was only a matter of time before some reactions were made with those characters. For example, many people were stunned to see Mewtwo in the latest trailer. Not only was it a big reveal, but Mewtwo was also one of the most popular Pokemon ever created.

People are connected to Mewtwo, and seeing it in the film feels like many people's childhoods are finally coming to the big screen. Of course, the best way to express the reaction to Mewtwo's arrival is through the dumbfounded Ludicolo expression from the trailer.


One of the new Pokemon revealed in the new Detective Pikachu trailer was Ludicolo. This goofy Pokemon was introduced in Gen III and has always looked a bit ridiculous. In being adapted to live-action, the Pokemon looks even more ridiculous, as it's essentially a hairy duck with a sombrero.

Naturally, this Pokemon is already being targeted when it comes to memes, as people have already gone the extra mile to create a template using the two expressions of Ludicolo in the trailer. Time will tell how many crazy memes people come up with using just these two facial expressions from the doofy Pokemon.

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