Internet Reacts To Maisie Williams' Epic Knife Skills

A girl may feel like no one, but her knife skills are drawing major attention. The latest video of Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) in fight choreography with Gewndoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth) has the internet blowing up, as fans are seeing for themselves that our favorite girl in combat has the chops in real life to back it up.

Game of Thrones season 7 has shown a massive growth in the character of the youngest Stark girl, with Arya finally utilizing the skills she almost died learning in past seasons. With this growth comes new opportunities for the character to face off against the most revered warriors in the realm, including the legendary Brienne of Tarth. This behind the scenes video shows the two actresses in rehearsal, and man does it make a Thrones fan's heart flutter. 

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Perhaps even more entertaining than the video itself is the reactions from fans who are living for this life-imitating-art moment. Check out the tweets below to relish in the fandom:

Totally hypnotized by the amazing @Maisie_Williams pulling off this ridiculous dagger move!!

— Gus Ronald (@goosemangus) September 19, 2017

once there were other videos of things, but now there is only this video.

— Emily Carmichael (@emilycarmichael) September 20, 2017

HOLY DAGGER FLIP ?️? Here's proof that @Maisie_Williams really *IS* Arya Stark. #TheGameRevealed #GameofThrones

— FANDOM (@getfandom) September 20, 2017

I’ve watched this ~75 times and you can’t make me stop

— Dave Levitan (@davelevitan) September 19, 2017


@muhammadbutt Jesus, this is so sick. This whole scene, my God.

— Musa Okwonga (@Okwonga) September 19, 2017

As noted above, many fans understandably believed the trick was merely a result of CGI in the episode. After all, could we really expect an actress so young to handle such advanced techniques? Have we learned nothing from the series? Never underestimate a Stark. The North remembers, and Williams clearly takes her fight choreography seriously, effortlessly flipping her blade from hand to hand while dodging Christie's planned strike.

Fans are looking forward to what the final season has in store for the Stark family, as the kids are finally back together with their new superpowers; Arya's fighting, Sansa's manipulating, Bran's three-eyed-raven-ing, and Jon's... true heritage. Their bond is stronger than ever after the sisterly double team death order on Littlefinger, proving that no one can tear this family apart. And now that Jon has allied himself with Daenerys, the Stark's extended family is bringing dragons to the party.

Unfortunately, season 8 is a ways away, with its premiere date set for 2019. However, HBO's behind the scenes series is sure to tide fans over until then.  And now you can relive your favorite moments from behind the camera, and see what it really takes to fight for the Iron Throne. Check out Game of Thrones on YouTube for more.

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