The Internet's 10 Best Memes & Reactions To Robert Pattinson As The New Batman

Despite rumors that Armie Hammer would be the next Batman, Warner Bros said that Robert Pattinson was the actor they chose for The Batman. Known for movies like Twilight and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it's safe to say that reactions have been all over the place for this casting decision. Based on information that Nicholas Hoult is also in the running, Pattinson as the Dark Knight may not be solidified yet.

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Still, this is a very real possibility. The man who played Edward Cullen could easily be our next Batman in Matt Reeves' film. Here are the 10 best Internet memes and reactions.

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There has been an overwhelming amount of support for Robert Pattinson as Batman. If Matt Reeves' film sticks with the younger Bruce Wayne approach, some have pointed out that Pattinson has the right appearance. It was only a matter of time before people began digitally adding Batman cowls to his face, and the results are honestly pretty convincing.

Pattinson has that rugged and worn look that you'd expect from a new Dark Knight. That said, we're a likely a long way from getting any images of him in costume, but if this provides anything for us to expect, then we could be in for a great ride.


Many people in favor of Robert Pattinson as Batman have cited that many of the naysayers have only seen him as Edward Cullen and Cedric Diggory. Pattinson has since performed in several movies, each with praised performances. One of the movies many supporters have pointed to is Good Time.

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In that movie, Pattinson plays the brother of a disabled man. When he finds that his brother is struggling in therapy, Pattinson's character robs a bank and has to avoid the law for the remainder of the film. It's a far cry from what some people are used to, but there's no denying that Pattinson nails the role.


Robert Pattinson's claim to fame was when he played Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise. However, in several interviews, it was clear that Pattinson wasn't exactly a fan of the project and stuck on because he had already committed to it. That eventually led to his DVD commentary, in which he would constantly poke fun at the scenarios and writing of the film.

Clearly, if this man can look back at his own work with a sarcastic and critical eye, then that alone should make his tenure as the Dark Knight worth a shot. For all intents and purposes, he's on the side of the people who don't like those movies.


While people are skeptical that Robert Pattinson could play a superhero well, some fans have pointed out that he already played a superhero as Edward Cullen in Twilight. As an old vampire, Edward developed powers that Bruce Wayne could never even hope to have.

Furthermore, Edward had just about all of the assets if not more than Batman did. Lots of money? Check. Plenty of education? Check. Everything that he did to help people, he did it without a suit of armor or a butler to tell him right from wrong. We're not making judgments yet, but it seems like there's a clear winner.


Robert Pattinson will forever be linked to Kristin Stewart for their time as the famous (or infamous) Edward and Bella. Of course, with the announcement that Robert Pattinson would play the Dark Knight, it's only a matter of time before people start to wonder which version of the Joker he'll go up against.

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Will he go toe-to-toe with Jared Leto's Joker from Suicide Squad? Perhaps he'll play opposite Joaquin Phoenix's Joker from the Joker movie? Some people have suggested that Kristin Stewart could play the Joker (not seriously, of course), and we can only imagine how that would turn out.


A lot of Robert Pattinson supporters have quickly pointed out that he's been in a lot more movies than just Twilight and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He's played a diverse list of roles across multiple films and done a good job in almost every one.

Many of his fans point out that he is extremely talented and that people would agree if they were to watch his other works. Better yet, even Christopher Nolan seems to agree, with Pattinson attached to his next project. All in all, this experience should serve Pattinson well as the next Dark Knight.


One of the more memorable scenes (for better or worse) in Twilight was when Bella finally put two and two together and deduced that Edward was a vampire. It led to an awkward scene in the woods where he asked her to say what she was out loud. Well, now, a different response can be given since he was cast as the Dark Knight.

Naturally, this choice led to some goofy fan art where Pattinson was placed in the Dark Knight's suit with an updated Twilight logo. What really sells the goofiness of this mash-up is that Pattinson is wearing the suit from the Adam West show.


Since Robert Pattinson's casting announcement, there have already been petitions to remove him from the project. Some people won't be able to separate him from Edward Cullen, leading them to be vocal in their displeasure of the decision.

However, some fans have pointed out that we've been down this road before when it comes to the Dark Knight. Back when Michael Keaton was announced as Batman in the 1989 Batman movie, the fandom reportedly "lost their collective mind" before they had seen any footage. Needless to say, that movie became one of the more beloved Batman movies to date.


Twilight's portrayal of vampires has been under scrutiny for several years, particularly in the visual department. The vampires have red eyes and fangs, but the real difference comes from their skin. In direct sunlight, vampire skin sparkles, which Edward refers to as "the skin of a killer."

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Naturally, that has come up a few times since his announcement as the next Batman. Someone took a photo of the sparkly Batman from The LEGO Movie 2 line of sets and jokingly referred to it as a leaked photo of Pattinson in the suit. It's always good to have a sense of humor with these controversial announcements.


The people that dislike Pattinson's casting as Batman have a few things to consider. One of the biggest ones is that Twilight is over 10 years old. Robert Pattinson has been in several different movies and done many different things since those days. Ten years is a long time, which has probably changed him, just as it would change any one of us.

Furthermore, we have yet to see any images or footage of him in the costume, so it's quite early to be upset about the casting. At the very least, according to Trailer Drake, it's important to let him try.

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