International Spider-Man: Homecoming TV Spot Has Lots of New Footage

A brand new Spider-Man: Homecoming international TV spot reveals even more, footage from the upcoming movie. The project which is a collaborative effort between Marvel Studios and Sony Entertainment Pictures will debut the third and newest incarnation of the web-slinging superhero, this time played by young British actor Tom Holland. We have already seen a lot of scenes from the film, thanks to numerous trailers and ads that have been released. But it appears that Homecoming is not yet done as they continue to roll out new sequences that would help get fans more excited about the property.

The events of Homecoming picks up after Peter's initial encounter with the rest of the superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in Captain America: Civil War. Gifted with an upgraded suit by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), the Queens native gets eager to be a big shot superhero like the Avengers. But he gets frustrated when he feels that Stark is relegating him to small-time crime missions. He becomes more determined to prove himself to his new mentor, as he takes on the Vulture (Michael Keaton) -- an illegal black market dealer who builds powerful weapons from the scraps of Avengers battles.

Just a mere month away from hitting theaters all over the world and following a slew of promotional materials for Homecoming, a new international TV spot has been rolled out (above) showcasing a few never before seen snippets from the film. These new scenes mainly center on the Vulture and his crew as they plan their heist on the Avengers tower in New York, while Peter tries to find a way to stop them. In one sequence, one of Adrian Toomes' henchmen even directly refers to Spider-Man, asking his boss what they would do if the superhero shows up.

The clip also highlights the Vulture's battle garb. We already know that he has built the flying suit himself using Chitauri tech and he is very much a creator like Stark, as well as, Peter. But this is the first time that we actually see how his mask works. From the looks of it, it is very reminiscent of the earlier version of Stark's Iron Man metal armor with a detachable face cover, although it is still uncertain whether the Vulture's will also have a heads up display or not.

Over the last couple of weeks, Sony and Marvel have revved up promotions for Homecoming. While advertising is pivotal in luring people to come and see the film, some fans are worried that the studios may be already overdoing it a little bit.

That said, it is also understandable why Marvel and Sony are trying very hard to sell this new version of Spider-Man. We have already been treated to three iterations of the role. A lot of plans for the property moving forward hinge on Spider-Man: Homecoming and it is the studios' job not to just pique the interest of the diehard comic-book fans but also casual moviegoers who may not have an inkling on how big of a deal Holland's version of Spidey is.

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Source: Sony Pictures

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