International Baby Driver Poster Cruises Past the Bad Guys

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After a few years away from the big screen, director Edgar Wright returns this summer with Baby Driver, which now has a brand new international poster. With all the usual goodness of racing and heist flicks, Baby Driver promises lots of gorgeous women, car chases, trick driving, big guns, and high-octane action, but with Wright's own twist. The titular getaway driver is always listening to music, so each moment of the movie is set to a very carefully chosen song -- a concept that puts the soundtrack front and center, and creates something totally different in the process.

With a few weeks to go until the film's release, the marketing campaign for Baby Driver is heating up, and while it may not be exactly what Wright fans expect, it's drumming up some real excitement. Now, a new international poster for the film puts the focus not on the music, but on the choice that Baby must make.

The poster, from Sony Pictures France, shows Baby (Ansel Elgort) in the driver's seat next to Deborah (Lily James). In the reflection of the window, we see that they are driving past Doc (Kevin Spacey), Bats (Jamie Foxx), Buddy (John Hamm), and Darling (Eiza Gonzalez).

Baby Driver International Poster

The poster does its best to showcase the impressive cast without being too busy -- like the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming poster that was derided on the internet last week -- or resorting to the floating head syndrome of so many other contemporary film releases. At the same time, the image cleverly finds a way to emphasize the two sides that the various characters are on, with Baby and Deborah trying to get away from the various criminals that Baby has dealt with in the past. The division is clear not only in the image, but in the intonation that Baby is cruising past those characters in an attempt to start a new life. And although the various criminals are not necessarily working together, they are all out for Baby now.

It's a fantastic poster that really highlights everything that the viewer needs to know about the film -- from the conflict between Baby and his criminal boss, to his position as the star and driver, to his life or death need to leave the situation that he is in. It may not be quite as obviously 'Edgar Wright' as the trailers, but it's still sure to pique interest in the movie.

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Source: Sony Pictures

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  • Baby Driver (2017) release date: Jun 28, 2017
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