Intense New Dark Knight Poster Plus New Trailer News

[UPDATE: Looks like the viral campaign has jerked us around and the trailer did NOT debut today, but may actually end up premiering on Sunday.]

There's a new poster out for The Dark Knight, and I may first thought when my eyes fell upon it were:

Coolest. Poster. Ever.

Sorry Iron Man, but despite my love for you, you may have just dropped a position on my anticipation list. That's ok though, you're still up there in the top two.

For the full version see below.

The latest poster for The Dark Knight

Is that amazing, or what?

There's also a new page on one of the original viral sites here: that shows a small lever in the upper right which when clicked reveals the poster. At the bottom of the page it also says "Four days" which folks are taking to mean that is how long until we get a new trailer.

Folks, this is going to be the best year EVER for fanboy comic book geeks like you and me!

The Dark Knight opens on July 18th.

For a much larger version of the poster head on over to

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