• Let's explore the backstory of Insidious ghost the Bride in Black. 1 / 9

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  • James Wan (Aquaman) first broke out due to the surprise success of 2004's Saw. 2 / 9

  • He returned to the horror genre with Insidious in 2010, kicking off another franchise. 3 / 9

  • The movie deals with a boy named Dalton haunted by spirits trying to possess him. 4 / 9

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  • This includes the Bride in Black, the spirit of serial killer Parker Crane. 5 / 9

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  • With the help of a team of psychics, Dalton is saved but the Bride possesses his father Josh. 6 / 9

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  • The sequel revealed Parker was abused as a child and the movie ends with his spirit put to rest. 7 / 9

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  • The Bride returned in prequel Chapter 3 to haunt psychic Elise. 8 / 9

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