'Insidious: Chapter 3' Trailer: Go Back to the Beginning

Insidious: Chapter 3 teaser trailer

Director James Wan has left a couple horror franchises behind him (in Saw and Insidious) and will soon be revisiting the world of The Conjuring, but the legend of Insidious lives on (and on, and on...) in the upcoming sequel Insidious: Chapter 3, the directorial debut of Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2 screenwriter/actor Leigh Whannell. A regular collaborator with Wan, Whannell also wrote the script for this next entry in the Insidious franchise.

Set prior to the events of the first two films, Insidious: Chapter 3 will follow spook-hunting team Elise (Lin Shaye), Tucker (Angus Sampson) and Specs (Whannell) as they investigate a teenage girl (Stefanie Scott) who is being targeted by an extremely dangerous entity from the Further - and whose father (Dermot Mulroney) is desperate to help her.

The first full trailer for Insidious: Chapter 3 has now been released on the official Facebook page, and it looks like the ghostbusting team will be facing off against an entirely new batch of the restless undead.

Insidious: Chapter 3 teaser trailer

Along with The Purge, Sinister and Paranormal Activity, the Insidious franchise is a combination of low-budget filmmaking with high box office yields that has been extremely lucrative for Blumhouse Productions over the last few years. Recent trends in the horror genre have seen original ideas taking the edge over remakes and reboots, and Insidious was one of the movies that led that trend.

While many moviegoers feel that Insidious: Chapter 2 was somewhat inferior to the first film, it's possible that the introduction of a new family will help this franchise to tread new ground. Let us know in the comments if the trailer has already got you hyped for Insidious: Chapter 3, or if you think this series is becoming a ghost of its former self.

Insidious: Chapter 3 opens in U.S. theaters on May 29th, 2015.

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