'Inside Out' Teaser Trailer: Pixar's Major Emotion Picture

Inside Out teaser trailer

Pixar returns next summer with an original animated offering in tow, in the shape of Inside Out. The new project directed by Oscar-winner Peter Docter (Monsters, Inc., Up) takes place largely within the consciousness of a young girl named Riley, who is forced to make some big life adjustments - after her dad gets a new job in San Francisco and Riley is forced to leave her old home (and friends) behind.

Inside Out, as it were, is a movie that's quite personal for Docter - being heavily inspired by his relationship with his own daughter - and thus, sounds all the more promising for it, in combination with his previous work at Pixar. A teaser trailer is now available for viewing online; after providing a pleasant reminder of just one reason why so many people love Pixar movies in the first place (read: they span the emotional spectrum), the preview gives us a quick look at the other main characters in Inside Out: the "little voices" that exist in Riley's mind.

The team includes Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) as Joy, who is the de facto leader of the emotions in Riley's brain; Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project) as Disgust; Phyllis Smith (The Office) as Sadness; Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live) as Fear; and comedian/actor Lewis Black as Anger. As is the case in any person, these feelings sometimes have a difficult time working in cooperation with one another, in Docter's film.

Inside Out teaser trailer

Pixar has recently been criticized for focusing too much on expanding its pre-established franchises (see: Cars 2, Monsters University), instead of breaking new ground, artistically, and exploring newfound animated worlds that allow their collective staff's imagination to run wild - how the studio made its name in the first place. Moving forward, however, the studio has publicly committed to developing a healthier blend of original material and brand entertainment.

That renewed effort begins with Inside Out next year, and the film is shaping up to be something special; not only because Docter has arguably been partly responsible for some of Pixar's most sophisticated and poignant stories to date, but also because Inside Out looks to deviate further from the classic domestic comedy structure than even other Pixar films have before it. Count us excited.

Inside Out opens in U.S. theaters on June 19th, 2015.

Source: Disney/Pixar

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