'Inside Out': 7 Things to Know Before You See It

5. Inside Out Is The Most Emotional Pixar Movie

Bring tissues, because according to animator Victor Navone, Inside Out "has more cries" in it than any other Pixar film.

6. Brain Science

The filmmakers used actual brain science to inform the film:

"Weird things like it's at night that the short-term memories are rerouted into long-term. That was something we read somewhere. That sparked this whole idea of this cool kinetic ball-like sculpture which [at the end of the day] they all go down [to long-term memory storage] once she goes to sleep. So there's a lot of stuff that was based on research, some stuff that was based on observation and some stuff we just made up." - Docter

7. There's A Secret Character

One of the film's major scene-stealers is a character that hasn't been unveiled in any of the marketing:

"I think he's going to be one of the great surprises. To me, he's like our Tigger." - Jonas Rivera, producer


Inside Out will be in theaters June 19, 2015.

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