'Inside Llewyn Davis' Preview: Fare Thee Well

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Inside Llewyn Davis is the new film by the Coen Brothers, the makers of movies like No Country For Old MenO' Brother Where Art ThouRaising Arizona and The Big Lebowski. In the Coen's latest Americana opus, we are transported back to 1960s New York City where we find Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac), a folk artist who recently hit a wall when his longtime musical partner met an untimely end.

Wandering from couch to couch, gig to gig (and in the artistic and spiritual sense), Llewyn tries find himself in this new stage of life and career - while also trying to track down a friend's lost cat.

Already earning 3 nominations for the 2014 Golden GlobesInside Llewyn Davis is a must-see for anyone who consider him/herself a fan of the Coen's work, as this might be some of their more honest and personal works yet. Besides Isaacs, the film stars Carey Mulligan (Great Gatsby), Justin Timberlake, Adam Driver (Girls), Garret Hedlund (On the Road) and John Goodman.


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Inside Llewyn Davis is slowly moving into expanded release. Check Fandango for local theaters and showtimes.

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