Netflix Renews Insatiable TV Show For Season 2

Netflix renews the all-new controversial and critically-panned TV series Insatiable for season 2, which will premiere sometime in 2019.

Debbie Ryan Insatiable

Debby Ryan's Insatiable TV series has been renewed for season 2 at Netflix. Ryan plays Patty Bladell, an overweight teen, who, after a bizarre series of events, loses a significant amount of weight and begins competing in beauty pageants with the help of her coach and inappropriately-aged love interest, Bob Armstrong.

Patty's entire life changes when she loses the weight. She's now pageant ready and boys notice her, and therein lies the controversy of the show; she's thin and her life is better. Far beyond that, however, the show consistently walks a fine line of political correctness, deriving humor from sexual harassment, homosexuality, and murder. Often referred to as a dark revenge comedy, Insatiable often feels sensational for the sake of being sensational, something akin to Heathers and perhaps with a similar cult following as it gained only an 11% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but an 83% audience score. And it seems that audiences liked the show enough for Netflix to give it another season.

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THR reports Insatiable season 2 will premiere sometime in 2019. Given that it's almost the end of 2018, the show's second season may not premiere until late summer or early fall next year. Furthermore, this news comes on the heels of Netflix picking up multiple high-profile movies for distribution as well as top programming such as GLOW and Altered Carbon.

Insatiable Trailer Netflix

Netflix snagged Insatiable after its themes unsurprisingly skewed too adult for The CW, where it was originally set to air. However, picking up the series is not an unsurprising move by the content vacuum that is Netflix. What is surprising is their decision to renew it for a second season. Amidst controversy and poor critic reviews, is it worth it for what has the minor chance of becoming a cult classic? After removing their user ratings, and offering up half-baked originals with odd messages like Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, Netflix continues to call into question the quality of their original content.

Though audiences aren't meant to take Patty Bladell seriously, the message behind her story is jumbled and concerning. The id-driven, murderous, anti-hero deals with very mature themes and presents a concerning message to the young audience the show is geared towards. Patty's life begins after she loses the weight; audiences barely know her before her transformation. The old Patty is shown through glimpses into her overweight past, glimpses that consistently depict a person who's depressed, gorging herself to a comical extent, and the subject of senseless bullying. It's not a shock that the CW passed on this controversial juggernaut of a show; perhaps it had more to do with theme and message than with age-appropriateness. Maybe Netflix should've taken note. Then again, Netflix is, more or less, insatiable themselves when it comes to new content.

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Source: THR

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