The 10 Best Quotes From Insatiable

Insatiable may be one of Netflix's more controversial shows, but there are some gems of lines that are wonderful no matter what.

The Netflix show Insatiable is a dark comedy-drama about a young woman who has always been an outcast and her twisted journey into the world of pageants. Patty was fat-shamed and ostracized but after losing the weight because of a freak-accident; then she begins her revenge-fantasy, with the help of lawyer/pageant coach Bob Armstrong.

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The twisted, strange, and always surprising tale has had very mixed reviews and become one of Netflix's most controversial series. The highly criticized show released its second season and was just as wild as the first.  The show is a weird and dark coming-of-age story with brief motivational interludes. Here are the best and strangest quotes so far.

10 "My mama always said, never trust a man who pulls a rodent out of a hole."

In the second season, Dixie finds out that her mother kidnapped her when her biological family comes to find her.  When they throw her a surprise party on her actual birthday, she is excited about the event but disappointed that the magician canceled. When asked why she never had a magician at her parties before she says, "My mama always said, never trust a man who pulls a rodent out of a hole." Everyone is confused, considering the common trick is a rabbit out of a hat. This odd statement highlights the weirdness that's common throughout the series.

9 "I spent a year in the psycho ward and I was fine."

Stella Rose is the queen bee of the pageant scene and she stops at nothing to get her girl the crown. She even goes as far as to kidnap Patty at one point to prevent her from competing. When she mentions spending time in a mental health facility, it doesn't seem very far-fetched. The fact that she believes she was fine then and now, however, demonstrates some of the issues in their pageant world. Stella Rose is just one character who takes the crown too seriously.

8 "Being skinny don't mean sh*t if you're ugly on the inside."

Throughout the show, Patty struggles with her self-image and confidence. She is obsessed with trying to get the perfect life to go with her new skinny body but is constantly feeling inadequate. Dee, on the other hand, is confident and exudes body-positivity.

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Dee tells Patty that the inside is more important than the outside; she may not utilize much sensitivity but she makes her point and Patty tries to hear her. Patty and Dee don't always get along but this is a nice moment for them.

7 "Having a demon is kind of private."

This series is not all about pageants and self-image, there are some wild sub-plots that occur. One such sub-plot is when Patty becomes convinced that she is possessed by a demon. Her boyfriend at the time, Christian, also believes she has a demon in her and wants to use it for their gain. Christian convinces her that she could control this demon and it would give them everything they want. She becomes invested in the idea of this demon. Patty thinks this is a good thing, that all her problems are a result of this evil thing inside her.

6 "I could be famous, like, Drew Barrymore famous."

Patty's greatest hero has always been Drew Barrymore. When Bob Armstrong is trying to convince her that pageants would be a good thing for her and could give her notoriety, she immediately thinks of her hero.

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It's a sweet and funny moment that Patty has where she believes that competing could make her a little more like the woman she has always admired.

5 "If it wasn't for periods, none of y'all would be here."

Coralee Armstrong begins her journey to becoming a businesswoman with her Tampazzle invention. When she is trying to promote the item and get investors, people become uncomfortable talking about periods and tampons. As another group of people walks away, she shouts out how nobody would be there if women didn't have periods. Coralee has a wonderful moment of female empowerment and addresses the stigma people have about periods.

4 "It's like taking a bath in Corgi puppies."

Who doesn't love Corgi puppies? And, what would be better than a bath full of them?Angie Bladell and Patty don't have the best mother-daughter relationship since she is not always there for Patty and struggles with alcoholism.

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When Angie gets back from an AA retreat she tells Patty and Nonnie how amazing and relaxing it was by describing it like a "bath in Corgi puppies." That is a perfect analogy for an amazing time.

3 "Queens take control."

In season two, the ultimate pageant coach, Gloria Reyes, is introduced. She is a former pageant queen and a fierce competitor who came to judge and advise the competitors. When she tells Patty that, "Queens take control," she motivates her and provides a new sense of confidence. Gloria may have been speaking about competing in pageants, but delivers a quote to live by about finding your self-confidence and taking charge of your life.

2 "Stop being mean to my best friend."

With self-image and confidence issues being a frequent topic throughout the series, Patty's anxiety attack seemed inevitable. In the first season, as Patty and Nonnie are trying on bikinis, Patty experiences an emotional moment where she lets out all her negative feelings about herself. Nonnie is there to comfort her and when she hears all the harsh things Patty is saying she responded with, "stop being mean to my best friend." It's a serious point in the show where the audience gets a look at how much those negative feelings affect Patty and Nonnie has a heartfelt response that highlights their bond.

1 "A Queen always helps another Queen fix her crown."

During a pageant, Roxy (Patty's nemesis and Stella Rose's daughter), has come to help with the crowning and runs into Patty backstage. As she is speaking to Patty she means to intimidate and throw her off her game but she utters an empowering quote. The idea that women make time to help other women during their shining moment is a wonderful concept that should always be emulated. Despite all the negativity and bizarre antics throughout the series, this is a motivational and relevant quote about women helping women.

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