16 INSANE Celebrity Lookalikes That'll Make You Look Twice

Since celebrity's been a thing, the cult of celebrity's been a thing. It's resulted in a slew of cottage industries aimed at giving normal folks even the slightest hint of a celebrity lifestyle. Everything's available from StarTours that drive eager tourists past mansions hidden behind privacy bushes that totally possibly belong to someone famous, to autograph dealers that charge hundreds for the scribbled names of prominent people, to hiring folks to pretend to be your favorite celebrity at the event of your choosing. That last one would be the celebrity lookalike phenomenon.

It'd be a really weird industry if it weren't for the fact that some celebrities have serious doppelgängers roaming around and those guys have managed to hustle their way into making a living (or at least money) off of looking like someone else. Movies like Dave and The Prestige dramatize the idea of twins walking around the planet, but this list will make you believe in the idea that everyone has one, somewhere. This list might also make you want to find that person and keep tabs on them lest they ever decide to start committing crimes in your name. That's how closely some of these lookalikes resemble their celebrity counterparts, and in some cases, it is legit creepy (in a super fun, awesome way).

Here are 16 INSANE Celebrity Lookalikes That'll Have You Doing Double Takes.

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17 Andele Lara/Rihanna

It doesn’t matter how many times we assure ourselves we’re looking at Andele Lara’s beauty influencer Insta, every once in awhile we’re still tricked into thinking we’re actually looking at Rihanna. While Lara is adamant on her website that she is NOT a Rihanna lookalike (just hella lucky when it comes to bone structure), that hasn’t stopped her from posting a few Riri-esque photos like the one above. And can you blame her? If we looked like a gorgeous pop star/mogul, we’d have some fun with it, too.

No word on whether or not Rihanna is aware of her twin, but Lara's Instagram suggests the possibility isn't too far off -- makeup artist Patrick Starrr revealed he's working on a project with Lara and tagged Rihanna's cosmetics company, Fenty Beauty, in the post. It could just be an attempt to attract the attention of the singer, but who knows?


There are plenty of people we wouldn't necessarily want to look like -- not all celebrities are known for their good looks, after all. Angelina Jolie is not one of those celebrities. Beauty's in the eye of the beholder, but you'd be hard-pressed to find many beholders who'd call the director and Oscar-winning actress anything but stunning.

So we think Tiffany Claus of Mirror Images is pretty lucky considering she could be her twin. Seriously, we stared at that picture for a good five minutes before we believed it wasn't the real Jolie pictured. Claus's appeared on Chelsea Lately, the Tyra Banks Show and Access Hollywood due to her resemblance to the A-list actress, and we aren't surprised. She could probably stand-in as mom to Jolie's brood in a pinch if it was dark out.


Loki cosplayer Bill Jackson, a.k.a. Loki Hates You, is a serious double-threat when it comes to the lookalike game. Not only has he put together an incredibly realistic ensemble (no easy feat when it comes to a Marvel character), he bears way more than a passing resemblance to the actor responsible for bringing the Norse god of mischief to life, Tom Hiddleston.

If that weren't enough, Jackson's got his very own lookalike nemesis -- he regularly partners with Steven Herbert, a.k.a. ThorTV, and we're assuming you can guess whom he resembles. The two've appeared at conventions together, hosted a weekly stream on YouTube and even became a meme when they were surreptitiously photographed having breakfast together at San Diego Comic Con. If you're curious, a cursory search of the internet will yield very, very positive results.


Whether it's her lips, her bone structure or just her palpable attitude, Ashlea Wyzard serves some serious Minaj realness in this photo (and, we assume, others). She really captures Minaj's beauty as well as the rapper's "Don't mess with me" presence. The side-by-side has us wondering if Wyzard can rap as well as she can photograph.

Considering she looks just like the best-selling female rapper of all time, we'd bet she's got a decent karaoke version of "Starships" under her belt.

As for Minaj, she's no stranger to playacting herself -- she actually began her career as an actress instead of a rapper, but transitioned to rap in the early aughts. Luckily, her success in one arena led to more opportunities in her first area of interest, and she's since appeared in Ice Age: Continental DriftThe Other Woman, and Barbershop: The Next Cut.


Self-titled A-List #1 Johnny Depp impersonator Ronnie Rodriguez will absolutely have you doing double-takes if you come across him aping Jack Sparrow or simply posing as the actor himself. A cursory peek at him shows Rodriguez dressed as incredibly convincing pirate or dolled up in some of the actor's iconic looks. He reps Depp's khaki fedora/neckerchief/purple aviators look with aplomb, and he's got the soul-patch down pat.

In fact, Rodriguez is such a close match for Depp's looks, he's served as the actor's photo double on numerous occasions, including on the Pirates films; Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Here's hoping the lookalike doesn't follow too far in Depp's footsteps, though. Assault and abuse allegations plus serious money trouble isn't a good look.


Oh, man. How many of us would've killed to look like the hot half of Ross and Rachel growing up? Jennifer Aniston is, and always will be, America's sweetest girl next door. Her features and presence were the perfect mix of sweet, smart, and sexy, and we defy you to find one girl who didn't identify with at least one of her roles in the past few decades. Whether it was Vince Vaugn's long-suffering girlfriend in The Break-Up or a charmingly hapless advertising agent in Picture Perfect, there's something both aspirational and relatable to Aniston.

For her part, Renee Wiggins has Aniston's casual beauty nailed. Her hair, smile, and facial structure are shockingly close to Aniston's -- so much so we're desperate for a Justin Theroux lookalike to pair with her.


We can't imagine how many doors it must open for someone to possess a smile as magical as the one Tom Cruise has wielded for the past thirty years. Legend has it, if you listen very, very closely to Top Gun, you can actually hear angels sing whenever Maverick unleashes those pearly whites. Mirror Images' Jerome Le Blanc has no doubt tasted some of that elusive glory.

His grin is scary reminiscent of Cruise's not so secret weapon, and the flight jacket only completes the iconic look. We have to wonder if there are people who've hired him just to walk around airfields and pose in front of planes. As a matter of fact... if you have access to an airfield, it might be time to plan a party there for this express purpose.


Repped by FakeFaces agency out of the UK, Camilla Shadbolt hit the genetic jackpot when it came to resemblance. A dead ringer for Posh Spice, a.k.a. Victoria Beckham, Shadbolt's good looks ensure that she can make a living wearing gorgeous clothes and looking fabulous -- all without the pesky paparazzi giving her too much trouble (well, at least not as much as the actual Posh and Becks).

Oh, and if that weren't enough, her ex-boyfriend (and current co-worker) is David Beckham lookalike Andy Harmer. It was Harmer who started working as a lookalike first, but while the two were dating, their friends started noticing that Shadbolt could easily pass for Posh, too.

They have parlayed their unique status as a celebrity couple impersonator into numerous television appearances including the ridiculously campy and fun Dead Ringers and the TV movie The Beckhams Go to Hollywood.


Of all the lookalikes on this list, Matthew Hicks has probably profited most from his lookalike status. He was such a convincing doppelgänger for his royal highness Prince Harry of Wales that he booked the lead in the Fox reality bomb, I Wanna Marry Harry.

Similar in structure to Joe Millionaire, the female contestants were led to believe they were competing for the hand of the actual Prince, and when "Harry" finally chose his bride, he'd reveal himself to be lowly commoner, Matthew Hicks.

The show made it four episodes before getting canceled due to low ratings, either because no one could believe eight women would be fooled by such a moronic scheme, or they didn't want to see just how naive American women could be. That didn't much matter to Hicks, though. He and the woman who "won his heart" still walked with $250,000 despite the show's demise.


Honestly, this side-by-side comparison still makes us do double-takes whenever we look at it. Mirror Images' Francesca Brown bears a spooky resemblance to Katy Perry, and she's managed to recreate an iconic image from the Teenage Dream album. Despite a few subtle differences (nail polish, earrings), Brown nails Perry's angelic pin-up vibe to a T -- and that's pretty impressive.

Perry isn't the easiest star in the world to mimic considering she's pretty recognizable as a musician who's almost cartoonish in her fashion. She favors a broad range of vibrant hair colors and a wardrobe that wouldn't look out of place on Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph. We give this lookalike a Difficulty Level of Very Freaking High and Brown's execution a solid 100.


Janice Garay has a the unique distinction of being the only lookalike on this list that doesn't actually work as a lookalike. She's a bodybuilder in Texas who happens to look an astonishing amount like Jennifer Lopez, but besides from the benefits of a massive Instagram following, she has yet to capitalize on the likeness the same way others have (getting hired out for parties and whatnot).

It was those followers that helped Janice go viral earlier this year when they started pointing out the uncanny resemblance. Garay can now boast over 100,000 followers, which, for an aspiring fitness guru, can only be a good thing.

J-Lo's long been known for having one of the most locked down physiques in Hollywood, but Janice looks like she's been carved from marble and could maybe give the former Fly-Girl a run for her money.


There are vast swaths of English majors the world over who would love a Colin Firth lookalike of their own. With that in mind, Max Noce should really keep an eye out for Pride & Prejudice super-fans. Mirror Image's go-to Firth is a deader-than-a-doornail ringer for the rumpled-sexy British star.

Also, if his status as reigning British Dreamsicle weren't enough, Firth's just established himself as a viable action star with his Darcy-Meets-Bond turn as Harry Hart in the Kingsman franchise. You'll recall his tragic and untimely death turned out to be a mere illusion (thank goodness) thanks to the work of nearby Statesmen agents Tequila (Channing Tatum) and Ginger (Halle Berry). Thus, the world was spared enduring a Kingsman movie without the presence of the finest Kingsman ever to wield a brolly.


Josh Harraway knows how to hustle, that's for sure. He's taken his uncanny resemblance to late(???) rapper Tupac Shakur and seriously run with it. Speaking to AOL news in the early oughts, Harraway didn't mince words: “I’m the world’s first Tupac impersonator... I know I might not be the first look-alike, but as far as I know, I’m the first impersonator to make a living performing as Tupac.” He's regularly hired to pose as Shakur at parties and corporate events, he's also appeared on legit television like VH1's Famous Crime Scenes and produced his own reality web series, 2Pac Alive that documents his experiences as an impersonator.

According to a 2011 interview with Indianapolis radio station Hot 96.3FM, he was also in the running to play Shakur a Tupac biopic.


Honestly, we'd love to hire Peter Cwalino just to sit next to us and make our world a little less Bowie-less. The great celebrity epidemic of 2016 claimed the iconic British rocker in its first wave, and the world saw one of its great artistic talents exit stage left earlier than anyone expected. Apparently he'd been diagnosed with cancer months before and was able to keep his condition private until the time of his death.

If you do a little digging on his Mirror Images page, you'll find modeling shots that'll make you think you're looking at Bowie himself rocking the runway. The resemblance is both unsettling and comforting if you're as big a Bowie fan as we are. Cwalino's ice blond hair and angular features mimic Bowie's perfectly.


When it comes to right face/right time stories, Maria Wojciechowski could be a poster child. The comedian bears a striking resemblance to recent Emmy-winner, Laura Dern, who's in literally everything you saw or want to see in 2017 (Big Little Lies, Twin Peaks, The Last Jedi).

Her Instagram, @ilooklikelauradern1, is full of side-by-side shots of Wojciechowski impersonating stills of Dern in various projects cleverly captioned to make them applicable to normal life. She's recreated Dern's Emmy win with a Dust Buster and aped the actress' sobbing jag in Blue Velvet. Wojciechowski's talent (and Dern's recent wave of success) have resulted in more attention than ever for the comedian, including an article in the New Yorker.

Of all the ways the people on this list have capitalized on their looks, this one might be our favorite.


Kevin Gilger resemblance to famed reality star Duane "Dog" Chapman of Dog the Bounty Hunter fame should be enough to strike fear into the hearts of any criminal with a price on their head. At the very least, it was enough to land him a bit part on Workaholics. The two look so much alike that it honestly has us wondering if anyone's called his agency asking for a bail bondsman.

If you're wondering why you haven't heard much about Chapman in recent years, don't worry -- he hasn't gone to the dark side like so many other former reality stars when the gravy train stops running. After A&E canceled Dog the Bounty Hunter, Chapman and his Beth went on to star in a Canadian version of the original called Dog and Beth on the Hunt before leaving television entirely to fight mounting anti-bail bonds legislation across the country.


Can you imagine throwing a dinner party and having Gordon Ramsay storm out of the kitchen and have a full-blown meltdown in front of your guests? Wouldn't that be incredible? Okay, actually, that would suck a whole lot, but not if it was an uncanny Gordon Ramsay lookalike you hired just to freak out your guests.

Martin Jordan could easily fulfill that desire if you had the funds and inclination to mess with your friends that way (not to mention a house nice enough to convince your friends you could afford to hire Ramsay as a private chef). Another of Mirror Images' stable of celebrity lookalikes, Jordan doesn't look quite as mean as the famously hot-tempered British chef, but he certainly has the intensity bit down pat.


Do you have any other celebrity lookalikes to add? Let us know in the comments!

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