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In Netflix's strange new sci-fi series The Innocents, set in the UK and remotest Norway, a young and hopelessly in love teen couple run away from their respective homes so that they can be together. The cast of characters includes Guy Pearce as Dr. Ben Halvorson, a psychiatrist living with a small community of women with powerful and dangerous abilities, trying to find a way to treat them. He believes that June, one half of the runaway couple, could have similar abilities, and strives to have her brought to the commune.

The Innocents is a character-driven drama and features a strong cast of British and Norwegian actors, with newcomer Sorcha Groundsell delivering a powerful central performance as June, a young woman whose plans for freedom are hijacked by the emergence of powers she doesn't understand and cannot control.

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Check out our full guide to the cast and characters of The Innocents below.


Sorcha Groundsell and Percelle Ascott in The Innocents

June McDaniel (Sorcha Groundsell) - A 16 year-old girl who escapes her father's plans to move her to remote Scotland by running away with her boyfriend, Harry.

Harry Polk (Percelle Ascott) - June's devoted boyfriend, whose love for her is tested when they find themselves pursued by two men, and strange things begin happening to June.

John McDaniel (Sam Hazeldine) - June's overprotective stepfather, who seems to know more than he's letting on about the true nature of her "epilepsy," and makes plans to move the family to Fair Isle in Scotland on her sixteenth birthday.

Ryan McDaniel (Arthur Hughes) - June's brother and an ally in her escape plan, who is confined to an annex by the house due to his agoraphobia.

Steinar (Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson) - Dr. Halvorson's former patient and current ally, who has been sent to England to retrieve June and bring her to her mother.

Alf (Trond Fausa) - An old friend of Steinar's, whom Steinar hires to help him retrieve June. Alf is unaware of exactly what he has gotten himself into.

Christine Polk (Nadine Marshall) - Harry's mother, a police officer, who is surprised and concerned when her son abandons his responsibilities and runs away from home.

Lewis Polk (Philip Wright) - Harry's father, who his near-catatonic and requires full-time care - much of it provided by Harry.

Kam (Abigail Hardingham) - A Shifter with a strong level of control, so offers to help June deal with her newfound abilities.


Guy Pearce and Ingunn Beate Oyen in The Innocents

Dr. Ben Halvorson (Guy Pearce) - A psychiatrist who is fixated upon finding an effective treatment for Shifters, to prevent them from involuntarily borrowing people's bodies.

Runa (Ingunn Beate Øyen) - A Shifter, and Dr. Halvorson's first patient. Runa has successfully been through the treatment, but is beginning to suffer from memory loss and confusion.

Elena (Laura Birn) - June's mother, and another Shifter seeking treatment from Dr. Halvorson. Elena is frustrated by life at Sanctum, and its many rules.

Sigrid (Lise Risom Olsen) - A Shifter who has been at Sanctum for longer than June, and who is close to completing her treatment program.

Other Cast Members (In Order Of Appearance)

Andrew Lee Potts in The Innocents

Dean (Nick Preston) - A young father living on a council estate, who sells Harry a car in order to aid with his escape plan.

Doug (Jason Done) - Christine's DCI, who grows impatient with her efforts to find out what happened to the "Pennines Five."

Shane (Andrew Lee Potts) - A friendly but shady character who takes a special interest in June and Harry.

Lil (Sabrina Bartlett) - A friend of Shane's, who helps introduce June to London's clubbing scene.

Deborah Hale (Claire Calbraith) - A hospital nurse who attends to June.

Andrew (Andrew Koji) - Abigail's boyfriend, who willingly submits to be used by her when she shifts.

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