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As some of our regular readers may know by now, we at Screen Rant like to hear about small studio indie films that may find a way to bring some original stories to the table and become widely successful. The recently successful Paranormal Activity is the biggest thing in the indie world since sliced bread. Last week, we introduced you to a new indie web series Broken Toy and of course we have been following the movies Black Death, Solomon Kane and The Tournament, in hopes of seeing them snag a big-screen wide release.

Today we bring you two trailers for a new film by indie studio Double Edge Films, which hopes to continue the indie breakout trend with their movie INK. Written and directed by Jamin Winans (which might make my top 10 coolest names – Kofi Outlaw is on that list as well), INK is the story of a little girl caught in a “metaphysical war being fought between the forces of light and darkness.” She gets kidnapped by a mysterious creature called Ink and is “taken  through a labyrinthine world of dream states while those who love her fight to bring her back into the real world and bring salvation to her desperate father.”

It’s an interesting story, and while usually I don’t enjoy dream state movies (because they tend to be over-stylized in order to make sure the audience understands the characters are in a dream), INK intrigued me because of the attention it is gathering. IMDB shows the movie’s popularity up 81,000%! Surely, all those people can’t be wrong?

Watch the two trailers after the jump:


Trailer 1


Trailer 2

The adorable Quinn Hunchar plays the 8-year-old Emma Sullivan while Chris Kelly plays her broken and grieving father, John Sullivan. The “rescue team” known as Storytellers, the group of people whose task it is to bring Emma back from the clutches of Ink, are made up of Liev (Jessica Duffy), Jacob (Jeremy Make), Allel (Jennifer Batter), Gabe (Eme Ikwuakor) and are led from dream world to dream world by Sara (Shelby Malone).

Kiowa K. Winans (seriously does everybody involved with this production have a cool name?)  joined up with Jamin in 2005 and has been working on INK for the past two years. The amount of work all parties involved have put into this project shows in all the great details and I’m glad to see their hard work paying off. Hopefully, they will continue to make great films and eventually a major studio will get their head out of their nether regions and start realizing that audiences like to see films like this.

Is INK something you would like to see in theaters? Well some of you may be in luck because there will be screening showing at the following locations and times:

What do you think of Double Edge Films latest offering INK and is it something you would have like to see on the big screen?

INK comes out on Blu-ray and DVD today, November 10th, 2009.

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