Injustice: Gods Among Us: The 10 Best Moments That Rocked Our World

Injustice: Gods Among Us was the first big fighting game involving DC characters. Set in an alternate reality where Superman had become a cruel dictator, it featured an intense story involving the heroes and villains we know and love. With this new setting, the game could have all sorts of epic moments.

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As Batman's Insurgency worked on a way to destroy Superman's Regime, there were plenty of amazing moments to watch unfold. We're taking a look back at Injustice: Gods Among Us and its 10 best moments that rocked our world. The sequel might already be out, but the first still had its great sequences.

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When the story for Injustice: Gods Among Us begins, we see Batman interrogating the Joker before Superman busts in. While it seems that he'll hold himself back a few times, the scene ends when he thrusts his hand through the Clown Prince of Crime's chest.

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Right away, we get the sense that Superman has lost it, which sets the stage for the events that follow. As an audience, we'd never seen Superman kill that way before, nor had we ever seen a hero take on the Joker in that way. It was an excellent way to start the game and set the tone.


While Lex Luthor is working with Superman's Regime throughout Injustice: Gods Among Us, it is soon revealed that he's a double agent who is just collecting intel for Batman. They hatch a plan to stop the Man of Steel with kryptonite, and Lex Luthor decides to enact the plan by using his massive super suit.

Lex Luthor then calls out Superman to a one-on-one match. However, it's not long before he realizes that he's lost his advantage. While we've seen Lex and Superman fight many times, the roles have now been reversed, but Luthor was still on the losing side.


Shazam was one of the superheroes who was a member of Superman's Regime. He worked with other superheroes like the Flash and Cyborg to enact Superman's will across the world and strike fear into those who refused to oblige. However, Shazam started to grow a conscience throughout the events of Injustice: Gods Among Us, which led him to question whether the Regime was in the right or not.

He eventually stood up to Superman and his dastardly ways. Unfortunately, the Man of Steel responded by shooting heat vision straight through his head, which confirmed to other Regime members that he had truly lost it. Shazam wasn't the only casualty in Injustice, though.


In the Injustice universe, the Joker had been destroyed by Superman. This led Harley Quinn to make a new life for herself, but she always missed her beloved Mister J. When the Joker from the prime universe comes to the Injustice one, Harley is overjoyed.

While she happily works with the Joker at the start of the game, he starts to do his usual manipulative actions that leads her to question him. She ends up fighting and subduing him after having enough of his tricks. Lex Luthor, watching it all unfold, tells her that she's simply outgrown him and that he'll never change.


Injustice: Gods Among Us featured a universe in despair. With the world's strongest heroes working for Superman, Batman's Insurgency was fighting an uphill battle. That's when they brought in the Justice League from the prime universe to help them out. This gave us two Batmans on screen at the same time.

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However, those two stubborn minds did get in each other's way at one point. Injustice Batman was just going to send the League back to their own reality, but prime Batman was determined to help this new earth. They battled and had to knock some sense into each other.


Hal Jordan was a member of Superman's Regime. However, sometime after joining the Man of Steel, he lost his Green Lantern Ring as punishment from the Guardians of the Universe. They said he controlled with fear rather than willpower.

When Hal from the prime universe came to the Injustice world, he ended up meeting his alternate self, only to find that he had taken a Yellow Lantern Ring instead. Shocked that any version of himself would ever join the likes of Sinestro, he battled himself to prove that willpower is a trait used by the strongest minds. He managed to win the fight too.


When the Justice League was brought to the Injustice universe, they didn't have Superman with them. After their plan to stop the evil Superman with kryptonite failed, they decided that the next step was to bring over the good Superman to clean the house.

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Superman eventually arrived at the climax of the game, and he made a serious impact. Not only was he strong enough to defeat Doomsday, but he even had Hal Jordan willingly give up his Yellow Lantern Ring without a fight. Superman was the one who stopped the Regime and helped save the Injustice world for good.


While the Insurgency and the Regime had fought several times before, it wasn't until the Justice League joined the mix that it felt like a true battle (they're not the craziest heroes Batman asked for help). Heroes and villains working with Superman had their own counterparts on the opposite side.

This was combined with evil forces from Atlantis as well as Superman's own Regime soldiers. Then there were Diana's Amazons who were working for the Insurgency. It was an all-out battle that determined the fate of the entire world. Had it not been for good Superman joining the fight, it's likely that the Insurgency would've lost by a mile.


The Flash was having his fair share of doubts about being with the Regime. After talking with Shazam, he began questioning Superman's actions. After Shazam was killed by the Man of Steel, that was all the confirmation he needed. He chose to leave the Regime, fighting his way past both Yellow Lantern and Sinestro in the process.

He then went straight to the Insurgency to try and warn them of Superman's plans. This led to him having some great moments with the prime universe's Green Arrow as well as a chance to redeem himself and become the Scarlet Speedster we love.


During their attempt to break out the prime universe Batman from a Regime prison, the Justice League and Injustice Batman encounter all sorts of resistance along the way. One of the characters that tries to face them is Robin, who is working with Superman.

After Green Arrow remarks that he was disappointed in "Dick Grayson," Robin says that wasn't his name. We only find out moments later that this Robin was Damian Wayne, Batman's son. Damian was responsible for killing Dick Grayson, whom Batman referred to as his real son. After defeating Robin, Batman says that he was dead to him.

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