Injustice 2 Announcement Coming Soon?

A new report suggests that a sequel to the hit video game Injustice: Gods Among Us will be announced soon, possibly before E3.

Injustice Video Game

While Zack Snyder's theatrical battle between Batman and Superman grabbed most of the DC headlines this year, back in 2013, an interactive battle between The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel reigned supreme over the world of console gaming in the form of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Featuring an all-star roster of DC heroes and villains, Injustice was primarily a traditional 1-on-1 fighting game in which players could pick their favorite character and proceed to pummel one another.

Although the superhero-on-superhero slugfests were a huge part of the game's appeal, perhaps its biggest draw was an in-depth single-player story campaign that made tied everything together into a compelling narrative. A hit with both fans and critics, Injustice set a new standard for comic book-based fighting games, making a sequel seem almost inevitable.

Now, over three years later, a new report by French site suggests that a follow-up to Injustice might finally be on its way. According to their sources, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive is poised to make an Injustice sequel announcement in the near future, possibly prior to E3 2016 in mid-June. Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm Studios is also reportedly once again behind the project, which looks to use the same engine as last year's Mortal Kombat X. Unfortunately for those still putting off upgrading to a current gen console, the story continues to say that Injustice 2 is headed only to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and will likely hit shelves in May 2017.

Set in an alternate universe to the mainstream DC continuity, Injustice presented a totalitarian state run by a power-crazed Superman, who was pushed over the edge after The Joker's latest villainous scheme resulted in both the nuclear destruction of Metropolis and the death of a pregnant Lois Lane. As seemingly the last uncorrupted surviving member of the Justice League in this dark alternate realm, Batman uses technology to travel to the main DC universe, recruiting its Batman and still intact Justice League to take the fight to Superman's tyrannical regime.

Interestingly enough, some have wondered whether the DCEU film franchise is headed toward a storyline similar to Injustice, thanks to the much discussed Knightmare sequence in Batman V Superman. Considering how well received Injustice's story was by fans at large, there are definitely worse places for subsequent DC movies to take inspiration from. If future DCEU film installments do indeed go in this direction -- and assuming the above report is accurate -- one wonders if Injustice 2's story mode will end up giving moviegoers a preview of further things to come.

Injustice 2 has yet to be officially announced, but is reportedly set to arrive in May 2017.


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