Injustice 2 Wonder Woman Movie Skin & Crossover Event Details

Injustice 2 and Wonder Woman fans alike will be treated to a brand new Multiverse event on the game today, titled "To End All Wars". The announcement came yesterday from the Injustice 2 Twitter account. The title of the Multiverse event comes from the tagline of the Wonder Woman movie, due for release on June 2. The event will be available until June 5, coinciding with the Amazonian's big screen solo outing.

The event will allow players to complete various tasks in order to gain armor to add to Wonder Woman on their roster. Once collected together, the armour will look like the set worn by Gal Gadot in Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman. There's no word as to whether the set will include statistic boosters for players to gain an edge - or if it's purely a visual addition to the Amazonian warrior. The event isn't limited to just the console editions of the game either; it will be available to play on the mobile version too (although mobile players will have to wait until May 30 for their chance to gain the Wonder Woman gear).

This is likely to be the first of many tie-in events that NeatherRealm Studios creates for Injustice 2. When the Justice League movie gets a little closer, expect to see some events that relate to that. It wouldn't be surprising to see singular events for each major character in the film. There are already costumes and gear that look reminiscent of the Zack Snyder aesthetic. The Flash in particular has several gear sets that look similar to Ezra Miller's version of Barry Allen. However, actual stylized gear is to be expected.  It wouldn't be too much of stretch to guess that Injustice 2 might utilise characters like Steppenwolf as a skin pack, too.

Injustice 2 Wonder Woman Blue Beetle
Wonder Woman vs. Blue Beetle in Injustice 2

This wouldn't be the first time NetherRealm has co-operated with live-action versions of DC Characters featured in the Injustice franchise. In the first Injustice game, players could download skins of Stephen Amell as Green Arrow and the Henry Cavill version of Superman from Man of Steel. They also included various skins from the comics, such as the Teen Titans version of Deathstroke. It would be beneficial to utilise this connection once again, perhaps drawing influence from the latest reboot from DC Comics, Rebirth.

Injustice 2 is certainly proving to be a hit amongst players and critics alike. With much-improved graphics on the first game and an innovative storyline, it's receiving plenty of positive reviews. And mixing that with a film that's likely to achieve popularity amongst those same fans is definitely a no-brainer. The cinematic Wonder Woman costume looks incredible as it is, so allowing fans to play as that version of Diana will undoubtedly be a hit.

That said: given that the Injustice 2 developers are churning out events every few hours, it might begin to get a little old if they're just reusing similar content continuously. Hopefully, events like these will be a refreshing way of keeping things from becoming stale. Introducing new fan-favorite characters like Red Hood while offering players new gear and Motherboxes, is definitely a way of doing that.

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Injustice 2 is available on Playstion 4 and Xbox One now.

Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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