Injustice 2 Update 1.10 Deleting Character Gear & Progress for Many Players

Some Injustice 2 players are raising concerns regarding the game's recent update erasing their characters' items and canceling their gaming progress. The latest patch, version 1.10, released on September 26, has surprisingly caused major issues for players like mysteriously losing all of their Mother Boxes instead of actually fixing some bugs and adding new features to the dismay of many fans.

Soon after, many other Injustice 2 players claim to have gone through the same thing, sharing their respective experiences and exchanging notes on how it could be resolved. Meanwhile, others who have not updated their games, try to make sense of the situation and say that they would rather wait for a brand new patch to be rolled out before playing the game again and risk losing all their progress.

The problem first came to light via a post on the game's official subReddit forum by a user with the handle Nannerbizz. The gamer warns all other players to not update their game with Injustice 2 1.10 patch as it deleted all his items. You can read his post below:

"I just updated my game on ps4. My only character I had not learned to level 20 was scarecrow. I had lots o gear and mother boxes and the update that was just put out DELETED ALL ITEMS... I have no gear no mother boxes or anything now

If anyone could please upvote it would be greatly appreciated. NRS needs to see it on the front page

Edit: Did anyone else get this? I’m so upset and I haven’t seen any issues from others. Also, can somebody link something like customer support

Edit 2: I relaunched and restarted and stuff is slowly appearing. Now every hero has about 7 items back. No shaders or abilities yet but it is working

Edit 3: you don’t lose abilities from leveling up or character levels it seems but I don’t yet know about rng abilities

Edit 4:NRS have been aware and are still trying to find what happened"

As Nannerbizz added, NetherRealm Studios has already acknowledged the mistake and is already on the verge of trying to find out what exactly happened. The studio advised players to "try and reboot the game after installing the patch. This should recover any Gear earned before 9/25,”  but added a disclaimer that it might not work for everyone. In accordance with the current situation, the Injustice official Twitter page has also reassured fans that a new patch " that will stop the deletion of Gear" will soon be available.

However, even with a fix on its way, it does not seem like all the Injustice 2 deleted items will be brought back. Instead, what it will do is just prevent it from happening moving forward which would understandably upset a lot of players, especially if they have racked up some neat gadgets previously. NetherRealm Studios’ community specialist Tyler Lansdown has previously contacted Warner Bros. at in an effort to help get gamers their shaders and other missing items back but there is also no guarantee that everything, if anything, will be returned.

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Source: Reddit

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