Injustice 2 Mobile Adds Classic Superman For Hero's 80th Anniversary

Injustice 2 fans will be getting a special treat for Superman's 80th anniversary celebrations, as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios announced today that Classic Superman is joining the long list of playable DC heroes on the mobile version of the title. The new Classic Superman character will be inspired by Superman's first-ever appearance in Action Comics #1, sporting the iconic red trunks and suave hairstyle that fans have come to revere.

Injustice 2 has been making inroads as a competitive fighting title, with NetherRealm Studios recently announcing a second season of its Injustice 2 Pro Series, a tournament circuit that features $100,000 USD in prizes. While Injustice 2 on mobile has yet to develop into the same kind of following, platform-exclusive content like Classic Superman might begin to change that.

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Classic Superman isn't just going to differ from Injustice 2's pre-existing Superman in looks, either. The new character will feature a revamped moveset that has its own strengths and weaknesses, including unique abilities that allow Classic Superman to lower the defense of his opponents while damaging the rest of their team simultaneously. Classic Superman's appearance will also feature an art-style with an emphasis placed on making him look as if he's been ripped straight out of the pages of an old Action Comics.

Classic Superman's anniversary inclusion will also include a brand new event in Injustice 2's Arena game-mode. For a limited time, Classic Superman may invade a player's Arena battle. If players manage to defeat him, they will be awarded with the chance to receive Hero Shards. Hero Shards are an in-game currency in Injustice 2 that allow players to upgrade their heroes' ratings and unlocking new heroes, so Classic Superman's invasions will be a welcome occurrence for players looking to improve their roster.

Given the recent uproar over Injustice 2's mobile loot box economy, the addition of a new Superman could be a positive step in shifting the discussion surrounding the game, particularly as general perception regarding loot boxes and microtransactions are starting to shift. Classic Superman joining the roster should also excite fans of NetherRealm Studios' title because it opens the door for other out-of-the-box inclusions, just as the console versions of the game did to coincide with last year's DCEU films. For a studio that is looking to differentiate its mobile title from its beefier offerings on other platforms, a new wave of pop art superheroes could be just the thing to make Injustice 2 on mobile into more than just a lite version of an already popular fighting game.

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Source: Warner Bros. Interactive

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