Injustice 2: How To Unlock The Justice League Movie Gear

Warner Bros. Interactive and NetherRealm Studios released the Justice League movie gear in their Injustice 2 video game - here's how to unlock them.

Warner Bros. Interactive and NetherRealm Studios recently announced plans to incorporate the Justice League movie costumes and gear sets for the world's finest heroes in their 2017 video game Injustice 2.

The Justice League movie gear and costumes are only available until Sunday, November 19. It's unclear what the plan is for the costumes after that - if they will make a return - but for now, that's the deadline to earn the movie gear for Flash, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman. It's possible that once these three characters' Multiverse events have expired that the studio will add the events for the other three Leaguers: Batman, Superman, and Aquaman, whose skins are currently available on mobile only.

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Players have to complete four challenges and one final boss fight for each character in order to obtain that characters' Justice League movie gear. Although the structure is the same for each superhero, the opponents they face and the locations they fight them in are all different. It's worth noting that each hero's challenges exist on Earth-1117, a previously undesignated earth in the Multiverse. (Could this be the Earth in which the Justice League movie takes exists?)

The Flash's Justice League Movie Gear

Barry Allen's days time-traveling have unwittingly placed him in the crosshairs of the Lords of Order, a supernatural group of god-like beings normally associated with magic users but have taken interests in controlling the timeline before. However, they act more like the Lords of Chaos in Injustice 2, working alongside Brainiac instead of trying to defeat him. Flash's first task is defeating 5 enemies in the Test Gone Wrong event, which is described as "While testing your limits, you may have opened a wormhole to another dimension." Completing the challenge rewards the player with Flash's Frictionless Sprinting Boots.

Upon completing Test Gone Wrong, players then continue their journey with Accidents Happen - "So, you DEFINITELY opened a wormhole to the Multiverse. Fix that, Barry." - which has an AI difficulty of 3 and rewards players with Flash's Justice League Gauntlets. To get Flash's Experimental Armor of Boundless Speed, they need to complete the third challenge, Get Out - "You triggered this invasion. End it before Bruce finds out and busts you. Again." - which, again, has an average difficulty, though this time players will have to defeat 8 opponents, instead of 5. The fourth challenge, Closing Time - "The wormhole is closing, but the cosmic sorcerer closing it does NOT look happy." - is another 8-opponent event with an average difficulty level that rewards players with Barry's Ultimate Speed Force Mask.

All four prerequisite challenges don't have a suggested character level, but the final battle, Goodbye Fate - "For causing such chaos, Doctor Fate wants to remove your speed. Too harsh!" - suggests that players should be at least level 20 or higher, though it's not a requirement. The only opponent to defeat is Doctor Fate, but his skill and magic will undoubtedly be a challenge for most players. Defeating him will earn players Flash's final costume piece: Epic The Flash Wings - Wings of Central City's Guardian.

Cyborg's Justice League Movie Gear

Injustice 2 players start out Victor Stone's journey to obtaining Cyborg's Justice League movie gear by completing the Bad Morning challenge - "You woke to a message: 'Victor Stone. Collaborate with me or be collected.'" - which rewards players with the character's Cyberverse Receiver leg armor. This is the first part of Cyborg's mission to defeat Brainiac, a worthy opponent considering that Victor is the most powerful cybernetic human on the planet.

The second challenge is Being Tracked - "Someone is stalking you. From the data signature, it's an alien named Brainiac." - in which players battle against another 5 enemies of average difficulty that rewards them with the Cyberverse Downloader arm. Cyborg's main chest piece, Cyberverse Uploader, is earned by completing the third challenge, Raided - "Brainiac sends Multiversal invader after invader to fight you. Keep pounding." - which players going up against 8 enemies, same as The Flash. The fourth and final prerequisite challenge is Proving Grounds - "Brainiac is testing to see if you're his cyber-equal. Show him you're much more." - with players fighting yet another 8 opponents to obtain Cyborg's mask, the Cyberverse Decoder.

Just as with The Flash, Cyborg's final battle suggests that players' Cyborg character is at least level 20 or higher, for they will be going up against Brainiac himself, one of the game's toughest opponents, in Dismantled - "Brainiac threatened you and your homeworld. Big mistake. Now you shut him down." - which rewards victors (get it?) with the Epic Cyborg Nova Blaster. The blaster's designation, JL-1960 Disruptor Cannon, contains an intriguing easter egg for the Justice League team, considering that the Justice League of America made their DC Comics debut in The Brave and the Bold #28 the year 1960.

Wonder Woman's Justice League Movie Gear

An interesting caveat about Wonder Woman's Justice League movie gear is that it's the same set that was first introduced in tandem with Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman film earlier this year. The armor set contains similarities to the character's costume from both films, but people who already obtained the gear don't need to participate in the new Multiverse event because they would be fighting for equipment they already have. Still, people who don't have the gear or who missed out the first time Wonder Woman's set debuted can now obtain the Diana Prince's costume.

As with the aforementioned Multiverse events, Wonder Woman's journey to obtaining her movie gear starts off with a relatively easy challenge that has players going up against 5 opponents in Open Door - "Someone has opened a doorway to the Multiverse near here." - which rewards winners with Diana's Smash Hit Boots. The second challenge is Breach - "While the Multiverse spews dangers, Kahndaq invades its neighboring country." - in which players earn the Bracers of Rising Action. The third challenge, No Expansion - "Kahndaq is using a Multiversal invasion to cover its own territorial expansion." - has players going up against 8 opponents to acquire Diana's Theatrical Chestplate. The fourth challenge before the titular final battle is Shut It Down - "Close the doorway to the Multiverse and face the leader of Kahdaq, Black Adam." - which rewards players with Diana's Tiara of Divine Tragedy.

Wonder Woman's final battle is against the supervillain (or anti-hero?) Black Adam on Kahndaq. The challenge Stop Adam - "Black Adam threatens war against all nations. You've been here before. Stop him." - rewards players with the character's final set piece, Epic Wonder Woman Aresnal - Blockbuster Falchion.

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