Injustice 2 eSports Global Finals Will Air on TBS

Fans will be able to watch eSport players compete against one another in Injustice 2 this fall on TBS. It's been just under a month since DC's fighting game sequel Injustice 2 was released to the public on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since then, gamers around the world have been brawling CPUs and other members of the gaming community while playing as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Joker, Bane, and many more super-powered favorites.

The most advanced and professional gamers in the world have been honing their abilities, practicing for a chance to participate in the Injustice 2 eSports Championship this fall. Much is at stake at this tournament, which will not only determine the best Injustice gamer in the world, but also features a prize of $250,000 to the winner. With so much to win, one cable station has landed the chance to televise the drama and excitement of the championship.

According to VarietyTBS will air the first ever Injustice 2 eSports Championship when it begins on October 21. The announcement is a result of a continuing partnership between Turner and ELeague, the creators of the championship.

The official Injustice YouTube page released a video last month promoting the major worldwide gaming event, urging viewers to take their chance to become the best of the best at Injustice 2.

The airing of the tournament on live television across potentially millions of households speaks to the rise of competitive gaming as a show of choice in the United States. This is the second time that the two corporations have collaborated, as TBS also aired live coverage of the eSport championship for video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive last year. ELeague has also hosted tournaments for popular games Overwatch and Street Fighter V

Qualifiers for the tournament are already underway, a comprehensive effort between sponsors ESL, Gamelita eSports Professional League, GameStop, PS4, and Twitch. TBS's coverage will pick up when the tournament has reached its top 16 contenders. Featured matches will air live on the station, and live coverage of all of the matches will be available digitally on Amazon's Twitch page.

Even if they generally require more of a battle of wits and strategy than a battle of brawn, gaming competitions share much in common with major sporting events. They can carry the same sort of drama and passion for diehard gamers that the Super Bowl or the World Series compels from diehard sports fans. Millions of people play a game with the prominence of Injustice 2 each year, and with so much at stake in this tournament, the tension seems like it has the potential to be must-see TV.

Injustice 2 is available now. Keep checking Screen Rant for any more information on the game or the upcoming tournament.

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Source: Variety

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