Hellboy, Raiden and Black Manta Are Joining Injustice 2

More heroes and villains are coming to Injustice 2 soon, with Hellboy, Raiden and Black Manta announced as the next fighter pack from Warner Bros. Entertainment, DC and NetherRealm Studios. The fighting game pits some of DC's most famous characters against each other in a new story that sees Brainiac mount an assault on Earth. Batman has to turn to Superman, who is locked up after becoming a global dictator, for help. But the excitement for other characters that would appear in the game has only increased since the game's release back in May.

Ed Boon and NetherRealm previously announced that the game would feature nine new fighters as DLC content available in the coming months of the release. We've previously had Red Hood, Sub-Zero and Starfire in the first fighter pack. Fans clambered to get the best gear and shaders for each hero, as well as carefully listening to their dialogue to spot the teases to other characters and universe they're familiar with. Fans have already noted that Starfire frequently references Dick Grayson and the Teen Titans in her dialogue.

But with the second fighter pack coming on September 12, the Injustice 2 universe is about to get a little bigger. The most prominent reveal of the trailer, shows that the half-demon Hellboy will be making his debut in the game. The footage showed the aftermath of a fight between Raiden, Sub-Zero and Red Hood after Raiden uses his powers as a thunder god to incapacitate the pair of them. Black Manta steps in through a waterfall and fires two missiles, that Raiden dodges - but a stony red right hand catches. Hellboy lights his cigarette from the still burning missile, and tells the audience that "this just got a whole lot more interesting" - he's not wrong.

Hellboy is a Dark Horse Comics character, and he's owned by his creator Mike Mignola. Mortal Kombat fans will be more than aware that Raiden is one of the central characters in the franchise, and can control electricity. Finally, Black Manta is a DC character who is a primary villain for Aquaman. DC must have come to an agreement with Dark Horse and Mike Mignola to use Hellboy in the game. But it also serves as a sly way of reminding players that a new Hellboy film is coming, starring David Harbour as big red. Plus it introduces wider audiences to Black Manta before he appears as a villain in the Aquaman film, with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II stepping into the domed helmet.

This second batch of fighters will be making their way to Injustice 2 on September 12, but with three fighters to go before the nine available spots have been filled - fans will continue speculating who else is coming. From one of the silhouettes, it looks like The Atom may be coming to our screens. But we could be waiting several more months before an announcement is made.

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