Injustice 2 Gameplay Video Introduces Bizarro Superman

Injustice 2 artwork - Superman

With DC fighting video game Injustice 2 a few months into its release, a new gameplay video has introduced fans to a first look at the Bizarro Superman alternate skin in action.

Having been released in May, Injustice 2 has had the entire summer to reach the gaming masses and allow them to show off its various heroes and villains in combat against each other. With the thirty-four major playable characters, twenty of them were not featured in the previous game, giving the players of the superhero sequel more options to play with in their brawls. Beyond that, the game features eight "premier skins" that gamers can apply to a few of the characters that allow them to don alter egos. These alternate skins feature different voices and dialogue, along with similar but slightly different skill sets to use in battle.

Thanks to a new gameplay feature video on GameSpot (see below), we get a good look at the new premier skin for Bizarro Superman, the intimidating and equally powerful but much more antagonistic doppelgänger to the Man of Steel. The video features two versions of the skin duking it out with each other inside of a multitude of battlegrounds, showcasing the different powers and deeply toned lines of dialogue that come from the application onto the Superman character. Both of the characters are equally matched, with level 20 standing and the same powers to show the damage that they can do.

The Bizarro skin is an almost-zombiefied version of Superman, grotesquely and intimidatingly pale with blue beams coming out of his eyes instead of the usual red. The iconic "S" on the back of the cape is reversed, and Superman's usual boy scout haircut that he's popularized throughout the decades is disheveled. The voice work resembles a mixture of Superman and the Hulk, scarily primal and grunt heavy with the actual lines very segmented and lacking in full sentences.

The differences in the characters go right up into the fighting style, which is much more savage and brutal than the usual elegance that Superman brings to his powers. Bizarro Superman features most of the same powers of his counterpart, with heat vision, super strength and flight playing big factors in the battles. Other characters that are playable in the premier skins include Mr. Freeze, Power Girl, Reverse-Flash, and Vixen, serving as alternates for Captain Cold, Supergirl, Flash, and Cheetah, respectively.

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Source: GameSpot

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