Injustice 2: The 15 Strongest Super Moves

From mastering combos to pulling off the sickest of all counters Injustice 2 has quite a bit to offer to fighting game fans, DC fans, and everyone in between. Whether it be the impressive cinematic storyline, the insane cast of characters, or the sheer scale of the fights, Injustice 2 has satisfied quite a few gamers around the world. Continuing the story from the first game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Injustice 2 has quite the story and has something for both DC fans and non DC fans.

Obviously the thing that keeps us coming back to Injustice 2 is the fighting itself. The mechanics work flawlessly with most of the characters, making it quite the enjoyable playing experience. Due to the massive roster of characters there is always something new to discover and master within the game.

One of the more exciting things about the roster is each of the characters' super moves; a move that is specific to their powers/abilities and is meant to inflict quite an immense amount of damage on the opponent. With that in mind, here are the 15 Strongest Super Moves In Injustice 2.

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15 Black Adam

Black Adam appearing in Injustice 2 was quite an exciting surprise. Black Adam has been a huge part of the DC comics since his inception so when he made his appearance in the game we all were quite excited. His super move is probably just as exciting as seeing his name on the roster.

Adam's super move begins with him tossing the opponent into Adam's native land of Kahndaq. After getting tossed into Kahndaq, the opponent collides with a pyramid and Adam comes flying in and smashes the opponent through the pyramid and takes them up and through the top of the pyramid. Adam then calls down a giant bolt of lightening after shouting "Shazam!" This giant bolt of lightening strikes the opponent and absolutely demolishing the pyramid beneath them. The opponent then comes flailing back onto the fight stage.

14 Green Arrow

Green Arrow is quite a simple hero on the Injustice 2 roster, but that does not make him any less of an enjoyable character. His combos are vicious and fierce, making him one of the more annoying characters to face in the game.

Just like his crazy combos, his super move is quite an annoyance if you happen to be unfortunate enough to face him. It begins with Arrow slapping his opponent upside the face with his bow, forcing them backward so that he can get off an explosive arrow that lands behind his opponent. Once the arrow lands in the ground, Green Arrow rushes up and throws his opponent onto the explosive arrow, forcing his opponent to fly up into the air.

Once he has them in the air he takes out another arrow and fires it into the opponent. This arrow launches the opponent onto the ground, freezing them in place. After they are frozen, Green Arrow flies downward with one leg out, smashing into his opponent dealing an immense amount of damage.

13 Green Lantern

Green Lantern has always been a fan favorite, not only among the Injustice fans but the DC fans in general. With some pretty spectacular abilities under his belt, or his ring, his combos are vicious and his super move is easily one of the coolest things we've ever seen.

It begins with Green Lantern calling down a giant, green, robotic foot down on his opponent. After one foot falls, another falls right next to it, crushing the opponent. The feet then rise and come underneath Green Lantern and a robotic cyborg thing begins building underneath him. Once we reach the arms of the cyborg, they appear and crush the opponent between the two hands. The arms then return to the cyborg and once the helmet appears, it flies down and crushes the opponent as well.

Now the cyborg is completely built and under Green Lantern's control. After Green Lantern has control of the entire cyborg, he aims two giant canons at his opponent and fires a blast at the opponent absolutely demolishing them.

12 Catwoman

As we all know, Catwoman is quite an agile and powerful hero. With her ability to move so quickly and execute combos faster than probably any other hero, she is easily one of the fastest heroes to learn and manage. Her super move begins with her flipping over to her opponent to kick them in the face and then flipping off screen.

Catwoman then comes flying back at her opponent with her motorcycle. While on the motorcycle, she grabs her whip and flings it at her opponent, wrapping it around their leg. She then drags them along on the ground before letting them flip and flop all over the place. She then flips her cycle around so she is facing her opponent again. Catwoman launches the cycle into the sky, backflipping off the seat and leaving the cycle to plummet toward her opponent. She lands on all fours, like the agile feline she is, while the cycle and opponent just explode right before their eyes.

11 Deadshot

Say what you will about the Suicide Squad movie, but Deadshot is quite an incredible character. Armed with an insane arsenal that he has complete and total mastery over, Deadshot is easily one of the more fun characters to play and one of more annoying characters to face. Despite him replacing Deathstroke in Injustice 2, he still is quite an enjoyable character with a ton of awesome aspects.

It begins with Deadshot slapping his opponent with his rifle and then flipping said rifle up into the air. He then proceeds to repeatedly beat the life out of his opponent; punching them, repeatedly stabbing them with a knife, and blasting them with his wrist shotguns. After his insane combos of punching, stabbing ,and shooting, his rifle comes flying back down for one final headshot on his opponent, blasting them to smithereens.

10 Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd is one of the main enemies in the Injustice 2 storyline. If you are not familiar with Gorilla Grodd, he is quite an interesting character-- a full blown gorilla with super strength who also happens to have telekinesis. As if he wasn't an annoyance enough with his mass and strength, he can toss you around the room without even touching you. Grodd's super move manages to utilize both of these abilities.

The move begins with him telekinetically taking control of his opponent so that they willingly get right in Grodd's face. Grodd then grabs them by the neck and slams them around on the ground for a bit, forcing them up into the air so that he can regain control of them telekinetically. He puts them right up in his face again and, with a giant roar, he takes one big final swing. Crushing his opponent to the ground and coming out on top like the insane tyrant he is.

9 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is definitely a fan favorite character both in the game and in the comics. Her crazy, wacky, off-the-wall attitude is so enjoyable to watch and that seamlessly translates into the game as well. Her super move is just about as wacky as she is.

It begins with Harley showing us some sticks of dynamite wrapped together. She then slide-kicks her opponent so that they fly onto the dynamite. Once the dynamite explodes this sends the opponent flying into the air and crashing back onto the ground. Once they crash onto the ground, Harley whistles for her dogs that come rushing in and start eating her opponent. After they take a few chomps out of her opponent, Harley comes rushing up for one final blow to the head with her baseball bat. Now, how do you like that, puddin'?

8 Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is absolutely one of the most underrated characters of Injustice 2. With not only a stellar personality but also some stellar abilities that come to him through his suit, he isa ton of fun to play, and just a ton of fun to see on screen. His super move is no different.

Utilizing most abilities that the suit can project, this super move begins with blue Beetle growing claw-like appendages out of his back and shoving his opponent backwards. After shoving his opponent backward, his hands change into more claws and he begins slashing his opponent.

Halfway through cutting through his opponent, Blue Beetle's hand claws change into giant morning star-style maces that he smashes into his opponents. After a few hits from his morning stars, his hands change into two blaster-type weapons, blasting viciously into his opponent. After several shots from his blasters, he slams his hands together, creating one giant rocket blaster and delivering one final blast into his opponent.

7 Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is without a doubt one of the more vicious villains within the DC universe and she's proven to be quite a tour de force in terms of super villains. Ivy's super move may prove to be quite as sinister as she is, if not more so.

It begins with Ivy blowing some sort of gas into her opponent's face so that they become stunned and stumble backwards. After stumbling backwards, the fight stage turns into more of a greenhouse than a fight stage and a few rather large vines grow out of the ground and wrap themselves around the opponent. The vines then yank the opponent into the mouth of this giant, disgusting, plant monster thing that decides to have Ivy's opponent for breakfast.

Halfway through the monster's meal, Ivy throws another giant vine that wraps around her opponent, yanking the opponent out of the monster and slamming them onto the ground. Chances are if you fight Poison Ivy and she uses her super move, you won't be able to get that monster's smell off of you for a week.

6 Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is one of the more interesting characters on the roster of Injustice 2.  He lives and breathes the swamp and is sworn to protect The Green and keep anyone from damaging it in any way possible.

Swamp Thing's super move not only utilizes his abilities but also the location of an actual swamp. It begins with him inserting his arms into the ground so that they can grow out of the ground below his opponent. After his arms end up underneath his opponent, they wrap around his opponent's legs and he yanks them underground into his swamp.

Swamp Thing's fist then fist grows into a massive size and he begins slamming them into the walls underground. After a few hits into the walls he grabs them with his giant fists and breaks them over a rock. After smashing his opponent into the rock, he takes one more punch and forces his opponent back up and out of the ground to continue the fight.

5 Atrocitus

Utilizing the power of rage as a red lantern, Atrocitus is one of the more terrifying characters that you'll end up having to face in Injustice 2 and his super move is quite horrifying as well. It begins with him growing a blade out of his arm and stabbing it into the chest of his opponent. After stabbing them, he raises his opponent up above his head and the fight stage transforms into this terrifying apocalyptic world. Atrocitus then punches his opponent so that they crash into a rock.

Atrocitus summons a bull from his chest that rushes into his opponent. This leaves his opponent laying on the ground. Atrocitus then flies over to them and breathes a dark red flame down onto his opponent, nearly exploding the world.

4 Scarecrow

Scarecrow is an interesting addition to the list of villains in Injustice 2. At first he seems like such a harmless villain who cannot do much damage, but once he gets his toxins into your nostrils and brain, you are toast. Scarecrow actually transforms into a terrifying more monster-ish version of himself when he is in battle and his super move is quite a vicious one.

It begins with Scarecrow tearing open a rip in the fighting stage and bats come flying through the tear to attack his opponent. After his opponent deals with the bats, a giant meat sickle comes flying through the tear and grabs onto his opponent. The opponent is then dragged into the tear, where a giant Scarecrow holds the sickle and begins slamming his opponent back and fourth onto the ground. After a few hits, he throws his opponent into their literal grave. Seriously whichever opponent you are fighting the headstone reads that character's name, it is awesome.

3 Aquaman

Aquaman has always been an underrated hero. Over the years, he's received some bashing for his powers being lame or pointless. When his abilities are cranked up to eleven, however, Aquaman can deliver some pretty awesome fight scenes, and Injustice 2's Aquaman is no different.

His super move obviously involves his ability to control the sea and the animals within. It begins with one clean stabbing of his trident so that he can flip his opponent over. After his opponent is flipped over, he comes rushing at them, with a giant wave following quickly behind him.

After Aquaman and his opponent are submerged under water, the two go swimming toward the surface. Once Aquaman has them out of the water, lightning strikes his trident and he takes a few good swings before a giant shark comes leaping out of the ocean to eat his opponent. Aquaman follows the shark back into the water, and when the shark tosses the opponent back onto the fighting stage, Aquaman gives one final stab into the chest of his enemy. With one of the more violent super moves, Aquaman is someone you do not want to mess with.

2 Captain Cold

The introduction of Captain Cold was a great addition to Injustice 2, not only due to his likability as a bad guy but also because he added more layers to the villain roster. Captain Cold isn't just a cocky, smart-mouthed, kind of guy; he also has some pretty sweet combos and an insane super move.

It begins with Cold freezing his opponent with his ice rifle. After his opponent is frozen, he begins creating an ice ramp that he can skate on while shooting these large shards of ice at his opponent. His ramp eventually becomes a cliff that stands over his opponent. Cold then jumps into the air and slams down onto this ice cliff. The sharp, frozen cliff then comes crashing down into his opponent, giving them a serious case of hypothermia.

1 Darkseid

Darkseid is without a doubt the biggest and baddest villain on this list, and on the villain roster in Injustice 2. As if his name doesn't inflict enough terror into the player already, his viciously strong combos and simply overpowered attacks will.

He is easily one of the worst characters to face in Injustice 2 and his super move is quite horrific as well. It begins with Darkseid blasting his lasers from his eyes. The laser carries his opponent through space, smashing them into debris and satellites, destroying any and all objects in the vicinity. The opponent then slams into a giant purple hand, which turns out to be Darkseid.

His hand is sitting through a portal and once the opponent lands on his hand, Darkseid crushes them in his palm. He then pulls them back through the portal and slams them back onto the fighting stage. Darkseid's super move is definitely one of the more elaborate supers and deals quite a hefty amount of damage.


What are some of your favorite or least favorite super moves in Injustice 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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