Inhumans Leaked Trailer Clip: Lockjaw Leaps to Action

Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel with Lockjaw

While we wait for the first trailer for Inhumans, a new leaked clip offers a look at Lockjaw in action. While we've had plenty of glimpses of the blue stand-in for Lockjaw, the giant teleporting bulldog hasn't been officially unveiled yet. When ABC and Marvel showed off the first cast photo, the Royal Family's loyal companion was suspiciously absent. Likely, the minds behind the show thought it best to wait until the trailer could show the character in action, as a mere photo wouldn't do the CGI character justice. Still, bringing Lockjaw to life is one of many concerns fans have had about the adaptation of the Marvel Comics characters.

Aside from blurry and faraway glimpses from set photos and videos, the official cast photo is all fans have had to go on for the project which will debut in the fall. A brief teaser hinted at the plot and intrigue, but we've yet to get a good look at any of the characters in action and a number have been left out of the marketing entirely so far. As such, the trailer is the chance for both fans and general audiences to get an idea of the new show. Last week, we were able to see some leaked images from the upcoming trailer, and now we've got a tease of the effects.

Twitter user Are You Inhuman (via MCU Exchange) has managed to get their hands on a brief clip from the trailer. In it, we see Lockjaw teleport Black Bolt into the middle of the street. It's a scene that was not only teased in the images last week, but ties back to the first set photos we saw from the show all those months ago. Check out the video below.

@MarkKolpack A Trailer Is Coming... but here's a First Look of #LockJaw your Thoughts?!? He might steal the show! ? #Inhumans #ABC

— TEDDY MARVEL (@AreYouInhuman) May 21, 2017

While the three second clip is merely a taste, it clearly shows how the effect of the teleporting will work, with a sort of trail leading up to the materialization. We also get to see Lockjaw in all of his glory, standing as tall as Black Bolt and looking very much like a giant bulldog.

Though most anything regarding the project will be news, the reveal of Lockjaw will easily be the talking point most people latch onto. For general audiences, it will likely be the Rocket and Groot moment for the show, and fans will delight at seeing the lovable Inhuman on screen.

Meanwhile, news continues to trickle out regarding the cinematic series. While it's still unknown how Inhumans and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will connect, the former has gained one of the directors of the latter. There's also a chance that the fall miniseries will set up next year's 22-episode run of SHIELD, teasing some of the future plots. With the leaks coming more frequently, expect Marvel and ABC to finally unveil the trailer within the next week or two.

Inhumans will screen in IMAX for two weeks, beginning Friday, September 1, before later premiering on ABC on Friday, September 22.

Source: Are You Inhuman (via MCU Exchange)

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