Lockjaw, The Giant Teleporting Dog, Is In Inhumans TV Show As Well


There's really no way to bury the lede here, as it's been confirmed that Marvel's upcoming Inhumans series from IMAX and ABC will indeed feature Lockjaw. As one of the more bizarre Inhumans, not much is known about how Lockjaw came to be a giant, teleporting dog. Clocking in at around 2,000 pounds, Lockjaw is a massive bulldog offshoot with a tuning fork on his forehead similar to Inhuman king Black Bolt. He's also got the ability to teleport himself and others across vast distances. This power makes him not only the pet of the Inhuman Royal Family, but also their main mode of transportation and escape.

What's more intriguing about the character is that he's the only known example of an Inhuman who is based on anything other than a human. When the Kree experimented on early man thousands of years ago, they created the genetic line of Inhumans. Once Inhumans pass through the Terrigen Mists, they're often transformed and granted unique powers. The question of Lockjaw is whether he was a canine that had also been experimented upon, or was he once a human who became a dog after Terrigenesis. The comics have never provided a satisfactory answer, but perhaps the upcoming TV show will.

Just moments ago, THR announced the full main cast of the Inhumans, mentioning at the very end that Lockjaw would serve as Crystal's companion, and confirming his size and ability. The report also rounded out the rest of the cast, with Triton, Auran, Gorgon, Crystal, and a mystery character all given actors. There's no word on whether man or beast is set to play Lockjaw in motion capture, as the creature will certainly require some extensive CGI.

Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel with Lockjaw

The report rounds out the cast, which has slowly come together over the past two weeks. We previously learned of the actors who would be playing Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, and Maximus, so now the Royal Family is complete. The report also confirms that Gorgon will have hooves and Triton will be fish-like. Auran, meanwhile, has rabbit-like features, including big, floppy ears in the comics. All of these, along with Medusa's hair, have left many wondering how the show would handle all the make-up and CGI required for the series. While Agents of SHIELD has done solid work with characters like Ghost Rider, almost everyone on Inhumans will require some expensive work.

Hopefully, the involvement of IMAX will boost the budget. One of the biggest questions has always been whether Lockjaw would appear on the series. Despite being an integral part of the comics, having an all-CGI character is something most shows generally avoid. Imagine if Grodd were to show up every week on The Flash. Regardless of how it's handled, fans will likely be happy with Marvel's commitment to the lore of the comics.

Inhumans comes to IMAX theaters for two weeks starting Labor Day weekend, prior to its television debut on September 26, 2017 on ABC.

Source: THR

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