Inhumans Trailer Leaked Images Offer a First Look at Lockjaw

Marvel Inhumans main cast

While fans are not-so-patiently awaiting the release of Marvel's Inhumans, some new leaked images from the upcoming trailer tease the epic adventure to come. Despite the fact that Inhumans won't air until September, it's standard procedure for networks to tease their fall shows during their individual upfronts at the end of each season. The major networks have already done this, with ABC showing off its new shows - with one exception. Fans are still waiting to see how the Royal Family will look in action, but luckily we haven't been left completely in the dark.

Two weeks back, Marvel unveiled the first Inhumans cast photo, teasing most of the main characters in their updated costumes in the series. While reactions have been mixed, it was at least a nice break from scraping by on Inhumans set photos teasing the characters' new looks. The image was soon followed by an Inhumans teaser, hinting at the intriguige and deception that will be at the heart of the show. Despite being a superhero property, the costumes and themes easily call to mind Game of Thrones, only aided by the addition of Iwan Rheon in the cast. Now we have our first (leaked) look at the show's trailer, too.

Spoiler TV managed to uncover a number of screenshots from the trailer for Inhumans that ABC premiered at its upfronts event. In it, we see all the characters teased from the cast photo, along with some of the machinations at play. There are also lots of shots of Hawaii (both its cities and its forests), plus some scenes in what is presumably Attilan, the Inhuman royal city. Most exciting of all, we finally get a glimpse of Lockjaw, the giant teleporting bulldog.

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Marvel Comics - Maximus and Lockjaw

The shots don't reveal much, but the trailer will probably make more sense in context and with dialogue. We can clearly see the Inhumans on the run at various times, and Medusa and Crystal being attacked by Maximus. It looks as if right from the start, Black Bolt's mad brother will be up to no good. There's still no shot of family member Triton, though we do see a figure under the surface of the water at one point. And right in the middle, we get our first shot of Lockjaw.

Though he's mid-teleport with Black Bolt, we still can clearly see he'll look very much like he does in the comics. So far, set photos have used a big blue stand-in for the CGI character, so it's unknown how much he'll actually appear on screen. The even bigger question is whether the show will dive into his backstory, something the comics have never fully explored.

The text on screen also boasts the show's IMAX credentials, which will be one of the more interesting aspects of Inhumans' production. While the cast photo didn't impress everyone, a trailer that showcases the action and effects that will be brought to life on IMAX screens could do a lot to sell the show. Hopefully, we'll be seeing the trailer officially soon.

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Inhumans hits IMAX screens on Friday, September 1 for two weeks before premiering on ABC on Tuesday, September 26 at 9pm.

Source: Spoiler TV

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