Even The Inhumans Director Didn't Like The Trailer

Anson Mount and Iwan Rheon in Marvel's Inhumans

Fans weren't happy with the first trailer for Marvel's Inhumans series, and it turns out neither was the director of the show. The first look was met with serious dismissal from fans when it dropped a few weeks ago; already a strange project, there were plenty of criticisms about the look of Attilan's royal family and their live action translation from page to screen.

Most of the problems fans had with the trailer related to a muted scope and questions over the special effects needed for Medusa's powers. Her psychically controlled hair was stiff and the CGI effects needed to bring the tendril-like body to life didn't look finished. Fans also had problems with Black Bolt's costume, because it didn't feature his iconic mask and fork, something star Anson Mount claimed was to ground the series. Surprisingly, fans aren't alone in their dislike for the first trailer.

In an interview with Metro, director Roel Reine voiced his opinions on the first look at the series. The filmmakers states he too was let down, saying the visual effects weren't ready:

"I was mixed about the first trailer as well. I felt like it didn’t give you the scope, it didn’t give you a lot of secrets or visual effects. I felt it was a little bit too early because the visual effects were not ready – Medusa’s hair was not ready. So I was really nervous about it and would think the fans would not really like it. The trailer was made by other people, so I was really nervous about it when I saw it. So I was like, 'oh guys maybe we should hold off', but it was too late because it was already in the open."

It's interesting that he mentions the trailer didn't give fans the full scope of what to expect from the series. Hopefully, this means that there are bigger things in store when the release finally comes around. And for a show with a giant teleporting bulldog, the potential for a wilder style of storytelling is definitely there. The director did also go on to say that he was pleased with the second trailer and how it was put together:

"I’m very happy we kind of changed it around. The second trailer really got all the fans back on track and they really like it now and they really want to see it. I was really happy with that second trailer."

The second trailer was definitely an improvement on the first, although some fans still found problems with the CGI on show; since Inhumans is premiering on IMAX first, many feel the effects should be as impressive as the MCU movies. It's possible that Marvel TV will still be improving the visuals, so we'll have to wait until the release to find out.

Marvel’s Inhumans premieres in IMAX on September 1; the series begins on ABC on September 29.

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Source: Metro

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