Who's Who in the Inhumans Trailer

With the debut of the first full trailer for Inhumans, we finally have a better idea of how Marvel’s collaboration with ABC and IMAX will look. Though most of the footage is probably from the two-part premiere of the show, the trailer still manages to give us a look at the settings, plot, and characters from the upcoming show. We see Attilan, clearly based on Earth’s moon, hear of Maximus’ desire to visit our planet, and see the tranquility of the Inhuman society upended.

The trailer also gives us our first good look at the Inhumans in action. Though a cast photo highlighted several of the core characters, the new trailer shows us a bit more of what they can do. But for those not familiar with the comics, it may be hard to keep track of all the new faces the show will add to the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. Luckily, we're here to help.

Black Bolt

Even if you have a passing familiarity with the comics, you might not recognize king Black Bolt at first. Almost always pictured in his full costume, the version we see in Inhumans not only lacks the bold, white accents on his suit, but also his standard mask and tuning fork. While that latter bit is probably best left out of the show, The Flash has proven a solid looking mask can be constructed on a TV budget. Add in the IMAX funding the project received, and it’s unclear if Black Bolt will remain in his more toned down look all season or will eventually don his uniform.

Still, his other traits seem to be intact - specifically the fact that he almost never speaks out loud because his voice has the power to shatter mountains. Even a whisper can cause untold devastation, making him one of Marvel’s most powerful and least quippy heroes.


While Black Bolt gets to unleash a bit of his powers at the end, no doubt fans across the Internet are livid that we’ve yet to see Medusa’s abilities on display. In the comics, Medusa made her first appearance in 1965’s Fantastic Four #36—a whole nine issues before Black Bolt arrived. As an ancient Inhuman, she’s technically the cousin of Black Bolt. Like any good royalty, however, they eventually marry one another and rule their people for generations.

Unseen in the trailer is her prehensile hair, shown in the comics as a wild and undulating mass that acts like hundreds of tentacles under the control of the queen. So far, the MCU version of Medusa has yet to display this ability, but we’ve been promised that she retains her comic book powers. Why she doesn’t use them on those usurping her rule is unclear, but her brother-in-law certainly has ways of neutralizing his foes.


Played by Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones), Maximus appears to be the main character of the series. As one of the few characters to speak in the trailer and easily the most recognizable actor, the series looks to be focusing on his desire to rule and upend the power structures of the Inhuman Royal Family. Luckily, this is pretty much in line with how he acts in the comics.

Where his brother Black Bolt possesses a voice with the power to destroy, Maximus has an intellect that can do the same. A genius in all things, his schemes and inventions make him one of the most dangerous figures in Marvel Comics. The Inhumans are neutral good to begin with, but Maximus firmly leans towards the chaotic end of the spectrum. Like Loki, he can play nice and protect his family, but he can just as easily betray them for his own ends.


Left out of the first cast photo, Triton is the most physically deviant character in the Royal Family—and from the looks of things, this has carried through to the show.

In the comics, his transformation gives him a fish-like ability to breathe underwater and swim masterfully. Usually, he wears a breathing apparatus on land, but the one shot of him in the trailer seems to indicate that won’t be the case on the show. His abilities, however, mean the show could stage some intriguing underwater scenes, so hopefully Triton gets more of a spotlight in the series than he has in the marketing.

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