Inhumans Set Photos Reveal Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon

After being announced as a film, Inhumans spent years battling rumors that it was being cancelled before Marvel finally revealed the project would be coming to TV instead. In an unprecedented deal, the studio teamed ABC up with IMAX to produce an 8-episode series for network television that would be financed by the latter. This fall, the deal will see the first two episodes of the show air in IMAX theaters—as close to the proposed movie as we're likely to get—before moving to ABC. The arrangement will not only increase the show's profile, but help it handle the budget required for so many CGI-heavy characters.

And while a show as fantastical as Inhumans would seem like it would take place on sets, we've been treated to a surprise amount of location shooting since the show started filming. Setting up shop in Oahu in a brand-new Disney studio, the series has regularly taken to the streets and beaches of Hawaii to film a number of scenes involving the Royal Family. Thanks to the open air nature of these shoots, we've been given early looks at the characters and plot while we await anything official from Marvel.

The latest batch of set photos come courtesy of Twitter user Anthony Quintano, who wasn't quite sure what he'd captured. Luckily, the photos clearly show Eme Ikwuakor on the beach and in costume. He'll be playing Gorgon on Inhumans, a character that will require a good bit of CGI to create his signature cloven feet and bull-like legs. Still, the pictures give us a look at the MCU version of his costume.

Caught some filming on Makapuu Beach this afternoon. Any idea what it was @reelnewshawaii?

— Anthony Quintano ? (@AnthonyQuintano) April 1, 2017

The costume is fairly plain, as the show looks to be taking a streamlined approach to the outfits worn in the comics. We've already seen a stripped down version of Black Bolt's costume. Medusa and Crystal, however, look to hew closer to what they wear on the page. From the looks of it, Gorgon won't be wearing his signature headgear, something Black Bolt was also lacking. The black sleeves he's wearing from his knees down will also likely be replaced by CGI, though it is odd they're not green or blue. It's likely that many shots of Gorgon will be from the waist up, however, to avoid having to use the CGI too much.

Meanwhile, we've been given some hints as to the plot of the show thanks to these behind-the-scenes looks. Yesterday, we saw Medusa with her head mysteriously shaved. And a recent video showed Black Bolt on the run—a scary prospect given his power. We've also been shown an artifact that could possibly connect the show to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which introduced the Inhumans and will hopefully air alongside the new show on ABC in the fall. We're likely to get more set photos and videos in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Inhumans comes to IMAX theaters for two weeks starting Friday, September 1, prior to its television debut on Tuesday, September 26 on ABC.

Source: Anthony Quintano

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