Maximus Reveals His Evil Plan in Inhumans Finale

In a clip from tonight's season finale of Marvel's Inhumans, Maximus (Iwan Rheon) tells his family the details of his evil plan. The clip reveals that Maximus' plan includes leading Attilan into a war with Earth.

Resentful over being rejected by Terrigenesis, Maximus always wanted to be King of Attilan, and in the season's first episode, Maximus finally made his play for the throne. After starting a coup, Maximus left the royal family scattered on Earth, making it easy for Maximus to rise to power. Now the Inhumans are reunited and ready to take back Attilan from their treacherous relative. Using Lockjaw's teleportation powers, the Inhumans returned to Attilan to have a tense meeting with Maximus.

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ABC has released a clip from the season finale of Inhumans, titled "...And Finally: Black Bolt", which picks up with the cliffhanger from the last episode. When we last saw Inhumans, Maximus broke his word after agreeing to trade the throne for Declan (Henry Ian Cusick.) Black Bolt was about to kill Maximus when Maximus revealed that if he were to die, the protective dome around Attilan would fall.

The clip shows Maximus explaining how this fail-safe works. Apparently, if he doesn't touch a scanner with his palm every hour, the dome will fall and Attilan will disintegrate. After telling Black Bolt that he will go through Terrigenesis again, Maximus vows to "lead all of Attilan to Earth as a conquering army."

In what may possibly be the series finale, fans will get to find out more about Gorgon's return, on which side Auran (Sonya Balmores) will ultimately fall, if Maximus will go through Terrigenesis to receive the powers of his comic book counterpart, and if he will get the chance to take his army to Earth.

It remains to be seen if the extent of Maximus' plans will alter Medusa's stance on Black Bolt's decision to kill his brother. So far, Black Bolt, Karnak and possibly Crystal are in favor of showing Maximus no mercy for his crimes, while Medusa has been surprisingly lenient in light of the royal family's treatment of her parents. Regardless of what Medusa decides, Maximus' actions are setting up an intriguing final showdown with Black Bolt in the season finale.

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The first season of Marvel's Inhumans concludes with "...And Finally: Black Bolt" tonight on ABC.

Source: ABC

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