ABC's Inhumans Star Is OK With A Proper MCU Reboot

Anson Mount as Black Bolt and Iwan Rheon as Maximus in Marvel's Inhumans

At a recent convention panel, former Inhumans star Anson Mount shared his thoughts on a potential reboot of the failed MCU property. Back in 2017, Mount starred as Black Bolt in the short-lived series, which had its first episode released in IMAX before airing weekly on ABC. There have been rumors in recent months suggesting Marvel is looking to find a new place for the Inhumans within the MCU, possibly on Disney+.

When Inhumans (also starring Game of Thrones' Iwan Rheon and Serinda Swan) was released, it was considered to be a rare misfire for the MCU. It barely made an impact in its IMAX run, grossing only $1.5 million domestically. The show's run on ABC saw similarly low ratings, and critical response was unfavorable. Prior to Inhumans becoming a television show, the property had been announced as a film set to be featured in Marvel's Phase 3. It soon got pulled from the release schedule, though Inhumans were featured on Agents of SHIELD beginning in season 2.

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According to, Mount was at Dallas Fan Days when the subject of a potential Inhumans reboot came up. He acknowledged the rumors and said, "I really want there to be another shot at the Inhumans, and I want it to be successful because I'd love to watch it. And I think it is the most interesting little corner of the Marvel universe, and I think it just has to be done - it has to have the right home, the right tone, and the right vision overall." He also added that the role of Black Bolt was one he had always wanted.

Marvel Inhumans main cast

While some may be hoping for an Inhumans movie, it is looking more likely that any sort of reboot would take place on Disney+. Mount explained, "People might not know this, but in the sort of Hollywood trades, there's rumored to be a negotiation going on with Disney+ to reattempt this." Launching on Nov. 12, Disney+ is setting itself up to be an important piece of the MCU moving forward, with series like Loki and WandaVision in development. Unlike previous MCU television shows, those featured on Disney+ will impact the films. The first Disney+ MCU series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is set to start filming this week.

Despite the mostly negative fan reactions to Inhumans, Mount's performance as Black Bolt was considered a high point, and there may be some out there who would like to see him reprise the role. However, if Marvel truly wanted to reboot the property, they will likely end up recasting all the roles and pretend the disliked series never happened. In the past, the MCU television shows rarely intersected with the films, and Inhumans was no different. It would be easy for Marvel to write off the events of Inhumans and start anew, though one also has to wonder where they would fit in. In the coming years, other popular Marvel groups like the Eternals and X-Men are expected to join the MCU. If Inhumans does get rebooted, there could be some seriously epic cosmic battles coming.

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