Inhumans Production Was 'Super Secret', According to Henry Ian Cusick

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Marvel Studios has developed a reputation for being highly secretive with regard to its Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Inhumans actor Henry Ian Cusick can confirm. Cusick, of course, will be playing geneticist Dr. Evan Declan in the upcoming series, a brand new character that plays a part in the Inhumans Royal Family's flight from their home of Attilan to Earth following a military coup. The information about Declan came out after an interview with the actor, one that Cusick says was followed up by contact from Marvel about maintaining secrecy.

As with other Marvel productions, the secrecy begins long before most actors know who or what they're playing. In recent years, stories have emerged about the lengths Marvel goes in order to protect information regarding its upcoming productions, even going so far as to not tell the actors the role their auditioning for.

Screen Rant recently had the chance to speak with Cusick about his experience working on Inhumans, and he tells us he was unprepared for how guarded the studio was before, during, and after filming, and just how big the Marvel Universe actually is. Cusick said:

"I didn't really realize how big the Marvel Universe was until I had another interview and I was talking about it and I really was just confirming what was out there on the internet -- my character and what he did -- but very quickly the Marvel people emailed my manager and agent and said "Oh, he must be very careful what he says". For me, Marvel is way more secretive. When I was on Lost, we were pretty guarded about what we shared. But Marvel is one hundred times more secretive. They're very, very guarded about what you can and can't say. And they'll let you know very quickly."

All that secrecy is part of Marvel protecting its audience from spoilers (before the marketing starts, anyway), but it can make the process of working for the studio an interesting one for actors. Like many who have come before him, Cusick was a little in the dark when he came aboard the project.

"It was like, 'They're interested in you for a certain amount of episodes with this Marvel show that's shooting in Hawaii,' and I said, 'Yes, I'm already interested,' and pretty much – look, it's a Marvel show, it has Jean Higgins who was also one of the producers on Lost… I saw the cast list. Great actors. That had already ticked a lot of boxes. And then later on, I was like, 'So, what is the part?'"

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"I spoke to Ken Leung (Karnak) about it and I asked, 'Is it like the comics?' and he said, 'Yes!' We started talking and I got a little bit of information from Ken about the scripts because Marvel was so secretive about them that even though I was getting my pages I wasn't getting the entire script. But then they decided I could have the entire script. It's super secret."

As Marvel continues to expand its reach into television and movies, it seems more actors are becoming acquainted with the studio's way of doing things. At a certain point, the decision comes down to being a part of the Marvel Universe or not.

"Sometimes shows come to you where you say 'Yes' before you even know the part. But I had faith that they would give me something substantial. I'm interested to see how it will all pan out. I think it's going to be a terrific show. I can't wait to see it in IMAX."

Now that the full trailer has been released, and fans are getting their first look at the series, it will be interesting to see if Marvel has another hit on its hands that justifies all the secrecy.

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Inhumans premieres in IMAX on September 1, and on ABC on September 29.

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