Inhumans Has 'No Plans' to Introduce Ms. Marvel (Yet)

Kamala Khan fans shouldn't get their hopes up for Ms. Marvel to appear in Inhumans anytime soon. While initially announced as a film for 2019, the Inhumans have been pushed to TV only in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their introduction began in season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but have since received a solo series with Inhumans debuting in IMAX last weekend. Unfortunately, the launch does not appear to bode well for the longterm future of the series, not because of its "low" box office haul, but more so due to the scathing reviews it received.

However, the continued emergence of the Inhumans has only continued to raise the potential for Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel to debut. Fans of the character have been patiently waiting for her to join the ranks of the MCU, but any possible introduction she could have is not tied to Inhumans as of right now.

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That Hashtag Show spoke to Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb at the Inhumans premiere and asked him about Ms. Marvel's prospects. Even though he and surely everyone at Marvel understand how beloved Kamala is, he says her being introduced through Inhumans is not something they are currently discussing - but also made sure to leave the door open for any future conversations.

At the moment there’s no plans for that to happen. That doesn’t mean it [won’t] happen.

Even if Inhumans had been, or somehow winds up being wildly successful, Ms. Marvel may still be an odd choice to include. Yes, she is an Inhuman and proud to be one, but she is not a member of the Royal Family and her biggest Marvel tie comes from her idolizing Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) - the former Ms. Marvel in the comics. Carol Danvers is the reason Kamala takes on the Ms. Marvel moniker, and with her yet to even debut in the MCU, bringing her in with such connectivity would be difficult.

Should Inhumans get a second season to try and right their wrongs, maybe Marvel would find a way to include Kamala to add some good will from the fans, but at this point her future appears to be more on her own. ABC is not interested in stopping their relationship with Marvel and wants to develop many other shows, and a Ms. Marvel series could do great as a female-driven show that also has a lighter tone. Some have theorized she is the central character of John Ridley's long in development Marvel project. So even though she may not have a future on Inhumans, it would be very surprising to learn she doesn't have a future on either television or in the films.

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Inhumans is now playing in IMAX theaters. It begins airing on ABC on Friday, September 29th.

Source: That Hashtag Show

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