Inhumans: Medusa Has a Shaved Head in New Set Photos

As Marvel continues to look for new ways to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they may soon run out of options. Theatrical releases are covered, as is ABC, Freeform, Netflix, and Hulu - each of which have shows currently on the air or in production. However, for Inhumans they are attempting something that has never been done before. With a film franchise no longer happening, IMAX stepped in to help create the series to work on ABC, but also allowing for the first two episodes to debut in theaters this September.

This concept has been an exciting idea for fans waiting to see the Royal Family fully realized in live-action, but with it largely taking place on television, some questioned how well it would stick to the source material. Those concerns were somewhat quieted when a large pre-CGI mold for Lockjaw was spotted, but Black Bolt's costume left many wanting a more comic-accurate portrayal. Medusa (Serinda Swan) appeared to have a fully accurate look, but the most recent shots from set show her completely bald.

Hawaii isla 808 on Twitter posted photos and a video from the most recent filming period and revealed the new look for Medusa. While Marvel did their best to hide the look for non-filming portions, she can clearly be seen standing in a populated area filming with her red hair shaved all the way off.

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